WR Anthony Schwartz (8.16.22)


On the preseason game at Jacksonville being a rough performance for him:

“Yeah, it was a pretty rough night. Things did not go the way that we planned to and things definitely did not go the way I planned them to. This is the first game, and it is the preseason. You are supposed to learn from each game, just take that and dump it onto the next one.”


On recovering from a rough performance in a preseason game:

“Pretty much you just kind of say, ‘OK, that happened,’ and I dump it onto the next one. You know what you have got to improve on, and at practice every day, just improve on what you did there and improve and get better each day.”


On if QB Deshaun Watson was encouraging him after a couple of rough plays:

“Yeah, he encouraged me. He is a good guy, like telling me that, ‘Just keep on going. We got you.’ I made sure to tell him, ‘This is on me. He said, ‘Nah, we got you. I am still coming to you. I trust in you.’ It instills more confidence and instills more motivation that he still wants to come to me. It is just a great feeling, and I know I have got to get better.”


On it being reassuring that Watson shared he still had confidence in him:

“In the moment, everything can be either better than it is or worse than it is. I just felt down and then he came to me and said, ‘We got you. I am still coming to you.” It just felt really good. It kind of uplifted me a little bit. It just helped me even more to know what I have to work on.”


On if his practices have improved this week following the Jacksonville game:

“I think so. Just improving on what I need to do, just staying more locked in and just treating every rep like it is a game rep. Keeping that motivation going and keeping that fire going.”


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