WR Anthony Schwartz (6.8.22)

On how his second year has been going so far:

“It has been good so far. Just happy to have a healthy offseason and to be able to connect with the team, connect with all the new quarterbacks and to be able to compete. I feel like I am in a much better place than I was at the end of last year.”


On being on the field for OTAs, compared to last year:

“Just being able to be out there and compete and get better every day, whereas last year, I was not able to do that. It has been a lot better this year and it has been a blessing to be out here and being able to play with the guys that I am playing with.”


On if this year feels like his true first year to showcase what he can do:

“I think so, because last year, there was a lot of stuff going on with me and the rest of the team. I did not feel like I was able to play at my best last year, but this year, I am flipping a whole new script, trying to get a fresh new start and show people what I can do.”


On his performances after the Week 1 Kansas City game during the 2021 season:

“Mainly, it was just injuries. I did not feel right those next few weeks and then pretty much every week was a fight to get through, so I could play Sunday. Just being able to be out there and play, that was kind of big for me. My goal was to be able to play on Sunday and be able to get out on the field on Sunday. This year, I feel like my goal is to win on Sunday and be able to do the best that I can to help the team win on Sundays.”


On the individual work he has put in to take the next step:

“Just getting better in all aspects I can. Whether it’s taking care of my body, working on my route running, working on catching the ball, just trying to catch every day, because as a receiver, you have to catch the ball. That is the main thing that I have been working on. Coming here, just being able to put it all together and it also helps me knowing the playbook now, to where I could just go out there and not worry about, ‘Oh, am I going to mess this up? Am I going to mess that up?’ Just go out there and beat the guy in front of me.”


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