WR Anthony Schwartz (4.31.21)


On how much pride he takes in his ability to produce yards after catch and explosive plays:

“I take a lot pride in that. I take a lot of pride every time I touch the ball that I want to score, and it does not matter how I am going to do it. I am either going to run through you, I am going to run around you or I am just going to burn you. Every time I catch the ball, I am trying to score, no matter what. That has been my thing ever since I first started playing football.”


On if he ever worried about teams labeling him as just a ‘speed guy’:

“I was never worried about that because I know what I can bring to the table and I know that I am a receiver. I am not just a speed guy. I am not just a guy who is going to run deep or do screens. I am a guy who can run the whole route tree, get in and out of breaks and run every route.”


On joining the Browns offense with QB Baker Mayfield, WR Odell Beckham Jr., WR Jarvis Landry and RB Nick Chubb and the potential for the unit:

“We can have a very explosive offense. You named some of the most explosive people in the league right now. Odell, obviously is one of the best receivers in the league. Jarvis is there, as well. They both snag everything. They both get open. Baker is a guy who can sling it everywhere. He is accurate. He knows how to get the ball out. He knows what he is doing. He had a great season the past few years. Of course, Nick Chubb, I know a lot because he went to Georgia. He ran through everything, fast, breaking tackles and doing everything. I can bring another factor to the offense that does not have as much of that speed, and bringing that speed to the offense will complement Odell and Jarvis very well to help us become a very balanced team.”


On the most dangerous way he can get the football:

“I would say the most dangerous is throwing it deep because every time you throw it deep, I am coming down with it and it is going to be a touchdown. That is what I see as most dangerous. Every time I go deep, I feel like it is a homerun shot and a touchdown play.”


On his ability to run the ball:

“I feel like that part of me is an underrated part of my game because I am able to get the ball early and I am able to fight for yards, get as many yards and get a lot of yards after contact. I can take a 2- or 3-yard gain into a nine or 10 yards.”


On when he decided to give up track and field to focus on football:

“I would say it was just my love for the game of football. I just love it too much. Track, I always will be a fan of track, but football was always my first love and football is something I always dreamed of playing. I always dreamed of playing in the NFL. When I realized that dream can come to reality, that is when I said let me go all into this, and it will come true.”


On if he has always been the fastest guy on his teams:

“Yeah, I was always one of the top-three fastest guys. Just being able to still be that now is just incredible.”


On the fastest he ever felt running:

“The fastest I have ever felt was probably my senior year in high school at my state meet when I ran a 10.07 (100-meter dash). Everything came together smooth. I honestly felt like I was floating in the air. That is how fast I felt I was moving. The good thing is I still feel like that now, even with all I have put on from there. It is a great thing to still have that speed.”


On how much more he weighs now compared to his senior year of high school:

“From that point, I put on 15 pounds from then because I was 175 there and I am 190 now.”


On his fastest 40-yard dash:

“It was the one at my Pro Day – 4.25.”


On what will make him stand out in the Browns WR room, in addition to his speed, and how he can work his way onto the field with the competition in the room:

“I feel like my preparation is kind of what separates me from most other guys. I feel like I prepare for the game well. I study the game. I am always studying my plays and always studying in the film room, and I pride myself on doing everything perfect and doing everything as I am told. That is something that I feel like I can bring to the table, as well.”


On what he knows about the Browns offense:

“I knew they were a team that likes to get the ball to their playmakers. They are always trying to get the ball [to their playmakers], whether it is handing it off to Chubb, throwing it to Jarvis or Odell or trying to get it to the playmakers because you get it to the playmakers, that is how you win games. Big players win the big games, and I know that is what they like to do a lot.”


On if he is open to being a kick returner and why did he not fill that role in college:

“At Auburn, they kind of already had their guys when I was coming in so it was kind of just a little bit of depth chart and politics there. Kick returner is something that I am definitely interested in doing. I did it in high school so I have that experience, and I feel like I can be a rookie returner in the league.”


On if he has a relationship with Beckham and Landry:

“I know about Odell, but I met Jarvis and I worked out with him a little bit down here in Florida because he works out down here at my House of Athlete. Now that we are on the same team, we can put even more work in and get some extra work in with him. What I admire about both of them is just how they are able to catch pretty much everything that goes their way. I call them sticky hands. They are catching everything. Whether it is two or one hand, they are catching everything. They are getting open with it, and they have that juice to them, too. They are both from Louisiana so they come with a different style than most people. That is what I admire about them, and I just feel like they are dogs out there.”


On if it comforting to know he already has a rapport with Landry when joining the Browns WR room:

“Yeah, I will definitely be comfortable with him, especially now because we are going to be able to work even harder with each other. Just hope that I can learn some things from him being in the league for around eight years now. He was in the league when I was in middle school. It is just crazy to see that and crazy to just play with these great guys.”


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