WR Amari Cooper (9.29.22)


On the Falcons defense:

“They have some good DBs who we will be going up facing against. (Falcons CB) Casey (Hayward Jr.), who is a veteran and a really instinctive player, he has played a long time in the league. There are not any defensive backs who are going to be playing that long who don’t make plays. Definitely somebody I am excited about going up against. They have a young player (Falcons CB) A.J. (Terrell) who is making a lot of plays. It is just going to be a challenge for us.”


On facing Hayward in the past:

“I played against him twice a year when he was with the Chargers. He is a really competitive player who has been making a lot of plays over his course of time in the league.”


On if he has a book of notes on players like Hayward who he has faced in the past:

“You go against a guy more than once or twice, you get a feel for how they play because they don’t really deviate from who they are. Obviously, there is always room for improvement and players do get better and that is why you continue to study them, but for the most part, they are pretty much who they are.”


On developing chemistry with QB Jacoby Brissett and it translating on the field:

“He is a good leader, and he takes command of the offense. He prepares well. He communicates extremely well throughout the course of the week, just wanting a clear understanding of how I might look at some things, and he gives me a clear understanding of how he looks at some things in regards to the routes that we have and stuff like that. He really goes about his business the right way in terms of preparation.”


On if he ‘raises his eyebrows when people consider Brissett a game-manager’:

“No because I haven’t really heard anybody call him that.”


On playing with Falcons RB Cordarrelle Patterson with the Raiders and if he recognized Patterson could transition from WR to become a successful RB:

“Yeah, that is one of his best traits him having the ball in his hands. When he was at receiver, it was always try to get him screens and stuff like that trying to get the ball in his hands as quickly as possible so he could do something after the catch. That is how he has always been. I have been watching him since junior college because one of my teammates at Bama used to play against him when they both were in junior college. I think Cordarrelle was a No. 1 receiver, and my teammate was a No. 1 corner in JUCO so he put me on Cordarrelle when I was a young player. I have been watching him ever since. That is one thing that stuck with him. When he gets the ball in his hands, he is going to make plays. Obviously when you are at running back, you are not getting the ball any quicker than that. He is an exciting player to watch.”


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