WR Amari Cooper (9.15.22)


On how Sunday’s game against the Panthers went for him personally:

“I think it went OK. Definitely have to iron a lot of things out, but that is what the first game is for. You get to play and evaluate how you played and see what things you have to work on and then you work on it.”


On if it felt like he was held on a few plays in last week’s game and if that factored into his performance:

“Of course. You can’t hold on the defensive side of the ball. At the end of the day, as long as the refs call the flag, it helps the offense.”


On if he takes satisfaction in drawing the defensive pass interference that resulted in a TD:

“Of course. Obviously, you want to score the touchdown. The thing about the flag is you can’t score touchdowns. The penalties can’t score the touchdown for you. Even though it might put you close, you still have to do it as an offense. You want to actually score the touchdown when you have the opportunity, but of course, just being able to give the team the opportunity to get closer, yeah, definitely take satisfaction in that.”


On if not playing in the preseason with QB Jacoby Brissett affected timing last week:

“No, I don’t. That is what practice is for. Everything is not going to be perfect. That is why we continue to practice.”


On the incompletion on the deep pass early in last week’s game and if it can be easily corrected:

“That is the thing about games is you are not always going to get the look that you prepare for. On that particular look, usually I release outside, but the corner jumped so far outside that I had to release inside. I just reacted to it, and Jacoby was not accustomed to seeing that look on that play that we ran in the game. It was just a different type of look. As far as can it be fixed, absolutely. The next time we see it, I am sure he will drill the ball right in there.”


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