WR Amari Cooper (8.31.22)


On his experience leading younger Browns WRs and their growth during the past month:

“It has not been hard. With experience comes wisdom. It is easy to articulate what I am trying to get them to understand because I have been through a lot over the course of my seven years of the league. It has been pretty easy to lead them in the right direction. They have been listening. A real humble young group of guys who love to take advice.”


On the state of the Browns WRs room now, given some individuals outside of the organization say the WR room needs more help:

“I do not feel like we need help. I have not been seeing what outside people have been saying, but that is just something that we have to wait and see. Once the games start rolling around, we will see if we need help or not.”


On how he has developed his skillset with double moves on routes:

“Just paying attention to detail and listening to my coaches. Just drawing inspiration from some of the best guys to ever do it. Being real intensive and understanding what moves the defensive back. All of those things combined, I try to be as successful as I can be in my route running.”


On how he has seen younger Browns WRs grow during the past few months:

“I think we all collectively have been doing a good job. Listen, the preseason does not mean anything. The games start rolling around, nobody is going to ever talk about the preseason. Nobody on the team, even with me being the oldest guy in the room, is a finished product. We are trying to get better every day. I am not even judging anybody in the room right now. I understand that we need to come out here and practice as hard as we can so that we can be ready for the games.”


On if he was aware of the leadership role he would take on in the Browns WR room when joining the team:

“Yeah, I think I am just a natural leader. I have always been the same type of leader. I lead by example. I try to come out here and do everything the right way. I do understand that there is an aspect of leading verbally because some guys need that, too. When I was a young player, that was something that was not natural for me to do, but like I alluded to earlier, with experience comes wisdom so it is easy to articulate those leadership words that the young guys need because I have been through a lot.”


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