WR Amari Cooper (8.19.22)


On his time with the Browns and the transition at QB from former Browns and Panthers QB Baker Mayfield to QBs Deshaun Watson and Jacoby Brissett:

“It is just being where my feet are and just being present. Like I said before, it never really mattered to me who I played with. I am part of the Browns organization, and I believe in the team.”


On Brissett receiving more reps with the first team offense this week and their chemistry:

“It has been good. The communication is great. You can tell he is a veteran. The thing I really like about Jacoby is he really understands concepts from a receiver’s perspective so it makes it really easy to communicate well.”


On if there is a sense of relief now that the team knows how long Watson will be suspended, particularly for the WRs:

“I never really thought about it like that. Like I said, just being present, and whatever comes, that is what comes.”


On the talent on the Browns roster and the level of excitement to accomplish the team’s goals this season with Brissett at QB for the first 11 games before Watson returns from suspension for the final six games:

“Obviously, the excitement level around this time is the same for every team. I think you can look across the league and you could say the same thing that you just said – ‘you have a talent-loaded roster.’ There are not many players in the NFL who are not talented. We are optimistic, but we understand the intangible things that we have to do to be successful and to get to where we want to go.”


On what Brissett provides the Browns at QB, given it seems some people are underestimating Brissett:

“You can’t really worry about what outsiders say. We know Jacoby. We understand what he brings to the table. We see him practice every day and see how hard he works. We 100 percent believe in him. He would not be back there if we did not. Again, not really worried about what outsiders say. We are just going to go out there and do our thing.”


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