WR Amari Cooper (7.28.22)


On not knowing who the Week 1 starting QB will be as he enters his first training camp with the Browns: 

“To me, it is just no matter who is back there, I just have to make the job easy for whoever it is. That is my goal every time I line up out there. As long as I handle my business and get open, it is easy on whoever is back there. If I do not get open, it is hard on whoever is back there.”


On how he handles the rotation of reps between Browns QBs while preparing for the 2022 season:

“Like I said, at the end of the day, no matter who is back there, if I get open, it is going to be easy for them. If I do not get open, it is going to be hard for whoever is back there. Every time I approach the line of scrimmage, I am trying to create as much separation as possible. I am just looking at a ball spiraling to me at the end of the day.”


On if importance of QB-WR receiver chemistry is sometimes overblown by external individuals:

“No, it is not overblown – do not get me wrong. The reality of the situation is I am not going to get wide open every play. That is where the chemistry comes in that guys who are guarding me, they get paid – some of them get paid more than me (laughter).”


On the potential for the Browns offense:

“Very excited. There is a lot of opportunity out there with different routes, different combinations of double moves and stuff like that that I am good at. I am very excited about it.”


On if he is ready for the playbook, teammates and other aspects of joining a new team becoming second-nature to him: 

“Yeah, of course. I have been in the league a little minute now so the verbiage is a little different, but the plays are pretty much the same. Obviously, have some variations. Every team does not run the exact same plays. It has just been getting the verbiage down.”


On if he saw recent comments by Dallas Cowboys owner/president/general manager Jerry Jones about him and his ‘availability’: 

“No, I did not really see it. I will have to go back in and look at it.”


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