WR Amari Cooper (6.16.22)

On what he accomplished during the offseason program: 

“I think I accomplished a lot. I came in and I have a really good understanding of the playbook and the things we want to do on offense because we have installed pretty much everything to this point. I can visualize how the offense will be ran, how we can be explosive and how we can be dominant. I feel like we got a lot accomplished. Other than the playbook, just the timing with the quarterbacks. Me and (QB) Deshaun (Watson), we have been able to complete a lot of passes and we have had a lot of success, and the success that we did not have, we were immediately able to fix it. Some of the times, we ran the very same play the next day and we were successful at it. The timing has been great. The communication has been great. I am just looking forward to actually training camp now.”


On if he visualizes how good the Browns can be:

“Of course. Listen, this team was good last year. One of the things that was an emphasis in the offseason was improving in the passing game, and most of this camp, this has been a passing camp. (Head) Coach (Kevin Stefanski) emphasized that. I think we were pretty successful. Obviously, we still have to iron out a lot of details and get better, but I think overall, it was a successful passing camp.”


On how long it takes to master an offensive system when joining a new team:

“I can’t give you a definite answer because every team is different and every offense is different. Some teams have a whole bunch of installs. When I was at the Raiders with (former Las Vegas Raiders Head Coach) Jon Gruden, my last year there, the installs never stopped so you never really mastered the offense. Every team pretty much has the same terminology. It is just some teams have more plays than others. Specifically speaking on the Browns, like I said before, we have installed everything. It is not that much to memorize or to perfect. Like I said before, I can see how we can be very successful with the plays that we have. I think I will master it in this six-week break that we have. I am taking my iPad with me, and I will be studying the whole time. I think by the time I come back for training camp I will have all of the details ironed out.”


On young Browns WRs and how he can help them develop:

“Yeah, of course. That is the position that I am in now going into my eighth year, these guys look at me like an old guy, especially the rookies, not just the second or third-year players. I have been seeing a lot of explosion. They pay attention to detail. They know the importance of coming in every day, knowing their stuff and trying to perfect everything they do because they know the position they are in as far as making the team. They have been doing a good job. Very efficient.”


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