WR Amari Cooper (4.20.22)

On getting acclimated with the Browns, new teammates and City of Cleveland:

“It has been cool coming into a new environment. It feels like being drafted all over again or it feels like the first day of summer workouts in college. A similar type of process. I have been in this situation before. It is t’s cool getting to know new people, a new environment and getting to explore a different part of the country that I have never been to. It is cool.”


On what he knew about the Browns before being traded to Cleveland:

“I think the most I knew about the organization was… What is that movie? Draft Day (laughter). I just have never played for the organization before. [I knew] the history and how historic this program is as far as all of the Heisman Trophy winners who have come and played for the organization and the great running backs. That is pretty much all I knew.”


On playing in challenging weather conditions for a significant portion of the year:

“It is football. It is what we signed up for. It is played outdoors. That is part of the game. That is what separates this game from every other game. I embrace it.”


On his initial reaction to the Browns trading for QB Deshaun Watson and the opportunity to play with Watson:

“I was happy. I was elated. My friends called me right away. I was in another country. I was in Dubai. I was extremely happy. There was a huge time difference. When it happened here – I do not know what time it happened here – it was around 12 (a.m.) there, and I was asleep. I woke up and saw a whole bunch of text messages and stuff like that. Guys were like, ‘Man, you are lucky’ (laughter). It was some of my former teammates, and I was like, ‘What?’ Then I checked social media and the news, and I found out that information. It was cool. I was happy about it.”


On if he knew Watson prior to becoming teammates:

“I had met him in person maybe once. I think we did some type of commercial together, but I did not know him personally that well. Probably [met] at the Pro Bowl a couple of times. I knew him for sure, but I did not know him like a teammate.”



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