WR Amari Cooper (12.8.22)


On continuing to build chemistry with QB Deshaun Watson and how to help speed up that process after Watson’s first start:

“Just timing. Obviously, that is something that you really want to get down pat that relationship between the quarterback and receiver because we all run at different tempos, different stride lengths and stuff like that. The more we can do to get him acclimated to each of our stride lengths in terms of breaking out of a route and stuff like that, I think that is No. 1.”


On if chemistry with a QB can be fully formed during practice or if it can only happen through game reps:

“It can happen in practice, but you have to practice full speed.”


On if it is a ‘big ask’ of Watson to try to catch up to speed 11-12 weeks into a season:

“No, not for professional quarterbacks who have played at the highest level. I don’t think so. It is just the rhythm and timing. Once it comes, it is going to be there.”


On Watson throwing with anticipation and the difficulty of developing timing and chemistry between QB and WR:

“It is not as difficult as you may think (laughter).”


On Watson’s career accuracy and in recent practices and why it was not as high in last week’s game:

“I am not sure. We connected on some throws, and some throws we didn’t. That is why we come out here and practice. Obviously, we want to have 100 percent efficiency rate. That is what we practice for. It is just going to get better from here on out.”


On his conversations with Watson during last week’s game after low or incomplete passes:

“The same thing I am talking about now. Again, it wasn’t a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination, but that is why come out here and that is why we practice. We work to fix our mistakes. Hopefully, this week we can have a better efficiency rate than last.”


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