WR Amari Cooper (12.21.22)


On if reaching 1,000 receiving yards again this season is an important milestone for him:

“Yeah, for sure. It is a milestone that people respect. It is a milestone that people start to view a receiver like, ‘You had a good season.’ Yeah, it is.”


On if having multiple 1,000-yard seasons says a lot about his consistency:



On preparing mentally for frigid weather conditions on Saturday:

“It is football at the end of the day. Play in whatever conditions that come that day. Just have to go out there and just ball and play football. The weather is a nonfactor, really.”


On how the combination of high wind and frigid temperatures impacts the passing game:

“Obviously, the weather does affect the passing game, especially the wind – that is a huge thing. There are things that you can do to kind of mitigate. That is where strategy comes into play.”


On if he will need a procedure in the offseason to address his core muscle injury:

“I don’t know. I will cross that bridge when I get there.”


On if his injury is still bothering him some:

“Yeah, of course.”


On QB Deshaun Watson’s ability to extend and create big plays and if he enjoys the opportunities available when staying alive during such scrambles:

“Yeah, it is something I think most receivers enjoy. It just gives you an extra opportunity to make a play as opposed to when you might have a quarterback that is not as mobile and the play probably would result in a sack, but somebody like Deshaun, he can escape when the defensive line does a good job and still be able to make the play.”


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