WR Amari Cooper (10.20.22)


On Ravens CBs Marlon Humphrey and Marcus Peters and their physicality:

“I went to Alabama with Humphrey so I have known him for a long time. He has always been a really great athlete and a really great competitor. It is going to be a challenge definitely for us in the receiver room going up against them. As far as Peters, we came into the league the same year. We were both in the same division. He played for Kansas City, and I was with the Raiders. Have some background with him, too. He is a great ballhawk. Coming off of an injury so don’t really know how that has affecting him. They are both really good players so it is going to be a challenge for us.”


On only connecting with QB Jacoby Brissett on four of 12 targets last week, understanding some of those passes were intentionally thrown away:

“That is definitely not a good percentage in terms of balls being caught versus balls being thrown your way. It is definitely something that we have to work on. That is why we practice. I would love to catch 12 out of 12. Just always room for improvement. That is why we are here.”


On the significance of entering back-to-back AFC North games and if it is viewed as a pivotal point in the season:

“Of course. Obviously, starting with the next game, a division game, just to get back on track it is a very important game for us. You know like I know, the momentum of a win can do some amazing things to a locker room. That is what we are trying to do.”


On if the Ravens’ productivity with interceptions impacts the Browns’ mindset entering the game:

“That is the No. 1 thing that you try to protect is the ball. As an offense, that is our No. 1 rule – no turnovers. I would say that is something every week that we really harp on. It is no different this week.”


On Ravens RB Kenyan Drake and if he expected Drake to have this type of NFL success when playing together at Alabama:

“Yeah. We came in together at Bama, as well. We were like real close. Of course. I always thought he was a really explosive running back. I always knew he would have explosive games and be an explosive player. I don’t think that was a secret to anyone to be honest.”


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