WR Amari Cooper (1.5.23)


On his first TD last week:

“Usually, catch a ball on the sideline and the DB just pushes you out of bounds, but I made a little subtle move like I was going back inside because that is what receivers usually do when they catch the ball is they go to the sideline, and he fell.”


On evaluating his first season with the Browns:

“Ultimately, obviously we set a big goal which was to make the playoffs and win the division. We kind of fell short of that. As one of the leaders on the team, I take responsibility for it. Hopefully, come back and we can accomplish that.”


On evaluating his individual performance this year:

“It has been cool. Scored a lot of touchdowns and made some plays. I am really the type of player that oftentimes reflects back on the plays I didn’t make. I definitely feel like I left plays out there, but that is why we practice and that is why we work hard in the offseason so we can come back the next season and be better. That is what I plan on doing.”


On if reaching a new career-high in receiving yards this season is important to him:

“Of course. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t. Every year you want to get better because like they say, if you are not getting better, you are getting worse. You don’t work real hard in the offseason and the preseason, to get worse. Yeah, it is something that is very important to me.”


On if 2022 feels like his best individual season of his career:

“No, I wouldn’t say so, but maybe (laughter). I don’t know. I haven’t really reflected on it like that.”


On an example of a play he wants back from the 2022 season:

“There are a lot of plays I want back. That drop on fourth down that I had on the sideline. The touchdown that I slipped and it kind of hit my chest in the snow. I can name a few.”


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