Washington CB Kendall Fuller (9.27.20)

Washington CB Kendall Fuller:

On getting back on the field:

“It felt good. The last two weeks being out down on the sidelines, just cheering for the boys, just being able to come out here and get a whole week of practice and go out there on a Sunday and suit up with them boys, it definitely felt good. Just looking to get a win next week.”

On losing Washington DE Chase Young and DT Matt Ioannidis:

“Talented players, you definitely notice it. We also had that next man up mentality. We know the depth that we have at each level, and we are just looking at that next man to step in and make plays.”

On Washington DE Montez Sweat stepping up with Young and Ioannidis exiting the game:

“Yeah, it is big. Anytime a guy steps in and makes game-changing plays like that to get them behind the sticks the way he did, especially as a DB, you definitely appreciate it because it makes our job easier on third down. Sweat, he has been showing that all training camp and all season. That is what we expect we from him.”

On what is the Washington defense is allowed to do differently when he is on the field:

“We have a lot of good guys in the secondary, a lot of depth. Fab (Washington CB Fabian Moreau) and (Washington CB) Jimmy (Moreland) and even guys like (Washington CB) Danny (Johnson) and G Stro (Washington CB Greg Stroman). I just think my knowledge of the game and knowing what is going on in the game, what the offense is doing, situational awareness and things like that, all different things that I try to bring out on the field with me.”

On how close was he to playing like week and his current physical state:

“I am feeling pretty good. Last week, I was out for how many ever weeks. I started to feel descent and better last week, but I had never been able to get there on the field. I think once we kind of knew how I was feeling last week, we knew that this week was going to be a go.”

On if he said anything to Washington QB Dwayne Haskins to lift his spirits after a few turnovers:

“I think everybody is going to uplift him and things like that. Football, everybody makes mistakes and things happen. We put it on us as a defense. We were bad at sudden change today. When the offense did come around and get us up, we did not make the plays that we needed to keep the lead and things like that. Everybody on each side of the ball thinks that they can win or lose the ballgame, and that is the mindset that each player and each position group has to have.”

On if there were any positive takeaways from today:

“Yeah, there are always positives and negatives anytime you play a game, whether you win or lose. At the end of the day, we are out here to come out here and win football games. We have to take those positives and take those negatives and learn from them and make sure that we are coming out next week talking about the positives and negatives after a win.”

On how having fans at FirstEnergy Stadium changed how it felt on the sideline or field:

“It definitely changes it. It just feels like you are in a stadium. I was telling a couple of guys that I was glad that my first game back there was going to be some fans and things like that. Football, especially this year, you have to take what is coming at you and just keep on going forward.”

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