Tight Ends Coach T.C. McCartney (9.30.22)


On TE David Njoku having one of hist most productive career games against the Steelers:

“I think the coverage just kind of dictated the ball goes to him. Got a lot of opportunities, and when he gets opportunities, he has made plays and has been good.


On if Thursday’s game was what the team envisions for Njoku:

“Absolutely. Everyone knows he has all of the talent in the world. Pass production hasn’t always match that, which everyone understands, but he has been playing at a high level all year for what we have asked him to do and opportunities he has gotten.”


On how important it is for players like Njoku to be patient in terms of how many touches and opportunities they get in the pass game each week:

“It is hard. All of those guys want the ball. Everybody wants the ball. He has done a great job. He improved tremendously over just the course of time I have been here from 2020 in his playing without the ball. We talk about that all the time, playing without the ball, I know it is hard because everyone wants the ball, but he has done a great job of improving and just being a complete tight end.”


On how Njoku has learned to embrace different roles and responsibilities in the Browns offense:

“One, he just came into the league when he was so young. Just getting older, getting more mature and just understanding how this game is played and what the position calls for. He just understands that, and it has been good. It has been really good. No complaints from Dave.”


On if Njoku has the ability to be even more productive moving forward as seen last week:

“Absolutely. I think that kind of production is what we want from him. I know that is what he wants. Hopefully, we can continue to get him opportunities and put him in good positions, and when we do that, he will make plays for us.”


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