Tight Ends Coach T.C. McCartney (12.22.22)


On if signing a long-term contract this offseason helped TE David Njoku this season:

“I think that definitely helps. Obviously, financial security, but just the team letting you know that, ‘Hey, we believe in you.’ I think any time you feel that belief from the people you are with, that is a good thing. I think that has helped his growth for sure.”


On if he is still surprised when Njoku hurdles opponents:

“I still do get surprised because I am never anticipating it, but it is pretty awesome when he does it.”


On if there is risk when attempting to hurdle an opponent:

“I think he has done it at the right times. When you know somebody is going low on you and obviously the ability to get over them, it actually prevents the contact, but if you do it at the wrong time definitely. We have seen that from other guys where you think they are going low and they don’t – it can be painful.”


On Njoku improving each year:

“I just think he really wants to be really good. That was from the first conversations I had with him, he just wanted to be good, he wanted to be coached, he wants more opportunities and he wants to be on the field more. All of those things have happened, and it has been good for him.”


On G Michael Dunn playing snaps at TE and how that impacts Browns personnel packages:

“Obviously, Michael did a really good job when he was in there. When he was out, it changed. We still use that muscle tight end, but I think also (TE) Pharaoh (Brown) being here longer and being able to learn the offense, and all of the little details, that can put him in some of those snaps, as well. Again, matchup and Michael Dunn going out, we still use muscle package with the other offensive linemen, but Pharaoh being in there I think takes away from some of that, too, just getting him on the field.”


On QB Deshaun Watson targeting TEs during his career and if Browns TEs opportunities will continue to grow:

“I definitely think the tight ends are excited Deshaun is in the lineup. Just practice wise, putting the whole offense together. It is not just about the tight ends getting the ball. There are a lot of moving parts as we put it together. They are excited. I know the production in Houston was a lot. It will be interesting to see how it moves forward, but it has been really good in practice and getting better. I think he has a good feel for these guys and when they are open and how to get them the ball.”


On Watson’s development in the Browns offense:

“Kind of what we expected, trying to shake off the rust of being off all of that time and coming in the middle of the NFL season where everyone else is midseason and you are trying to play catch up. It has been really good. He is getting better and better, and we anticipate he just keeps getting better and better.”


On Brown’s development in recent weeks, particularly since the Bills game:

“I don’t know that I would call him a different player, but he is obviously however many weeks deeper into the offense, hearing our terminology and hearing the cadence from our quarterbacks. I think all of that just benefits him. He has played well when he has been in there. I look forward to getting him some more snaps. He is a physical player. He brings a lot of edge to the field that not a lot of other tight ends league wide can bring just with his physicality and his mentality. I really love having him out there.”


On his transition this year to TEs coach:

“Definitely a transition of not the overall scheme but just the things you focus on. The things I focused on in the quarterback room are obviously a lot different than now in the tight end room looking at the techniques that defensive ends play, what that means and their stances whereas in the quarterback room you weren’t looking at those things. I think there is also a lot of carryover just overall scheme of what we are trying to do. Both things have obviously the transition of learning those little details but also carrying all of the information I have with me before maybe helping the tight ends see it from a different perspective.”


On if there is any concern Njoku might get frostbite this week when warming up without a shirt:

“That was spoken of today (laughter). He is not overly concerned. I think he will be OK.”


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