Tight ends coach Drew Petzing (11.19.21)

On TE David Njoku dropping a potential TD last week and TE Austin Hooper making up for it with a TD reception:

“The ultimate goal there was to finish in the end zone. We accomplished that goal. I think anytime a guy misses a play or makes a bad play, you always hope he bounces back fast and makes the next one. Coming to the sideline, that is always the focus on something like that.”


On if he has to lobby to get the Browns TEs more opportunities for explosive plays, given injuries to other position groups:

“No, you certainly do not have to do that. I think it is on all of us. As coaches, as players and the entire group as an offense, we know that needs to improve. Whoever makes those plays, I will be happy as long as they are wearing the right color jerseys. I think that has really been our focus this week and certainly moving forward.”


On if the Browns have to adjust play calls to get more run after catch and explosive plays with the TEs:

“A lot of it can be based on what the defense is taking away or giving us and based on what we feel like is the best matchup for us. I think that is such a week-to-week deal at times that is hard to say, ‘Hey, this is the week that we are going to do X, Y and Z.’ Depending on what we feel like we are getting and what we really want to emphasize, but certainly, whether it is the tight ends with a catch and run, wideouts, running backs or whatever it is, we would love to see that come to fruition here moving forward.”


On if the Browns WRs’ yardage being the lowest by the position group in years and if a factor into that is the amount of times the team uses 13 personnel or if the Browns offense needs to create more production with the WRs:

“It is probably a combination of all of it. There is less wideouts on the field at times based on how we run the offense, and certainly, that is going to be a factor. Overall, it was not our best game. You put those two things together, and that is where you kind of end the game like that, and you know it needs to be better moving forward.”


On if it creates more space and opportunities for the Browns TEs when the WRs are making big plays:

“I think anytime you are having success on offense, it opens doors up for everybody. When the running game is working, you are throwing it better. When you are throwing it better, you are running it better. I think certainly, ‘Hey, we are making more plays outside,’ and those plays start to open up inside and vice versa. I think it is a group effort in a lot of ways in terms of how that production starts to come.”


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