Tight End David Njoku (9.19.22)


On QB Jacoby Brissett’s performance yesterday, including gutting it out at the end:

“I think Jacoby is a competitor. I think he played at a very high level. Obviously, everybody could have done some things better for us to get that win. We just have to pick up the pieces and think about the Steelers this Thursday.”


On if the Browns can correct mistakes on the short week:

“One hundred percent. We know what we have as a team, we know what we can d, and it is our job to execute at a high level every play. Like I said, we are going to pick up the pieces, and we will be better this upcoming Thursday.”


On balancing his role receiving and blocking:

“It is the job that they ask for us as tight ends and the job that we have to do. Obviously, I wish personally I could have gotten a play or two back, but this is the National Football League. Everyone is a professional here so we have to just keep working and keep fighting.”


On where the Browns offense can improve this week:

“There is always room for improvement, especially at this level. Everyone is a professional, but everyone needs to work every single day to improve to better themselves. I feel like if we keep doing that as a team, we will get much better. There is always room for improvement.”


On if he views his incompletion in the endzone where his feet landed out of bounds as a play he should have made:

“Of course, 100 percent. I just have to be better. I have to hold the same standard that I do for the team for myself. Even though I caught it, I should have been in bounds. I will take full blame for that, and I will be better.”


On if the missed opportunity in the endzone came down to getting too close to the sideline or needing to control his body better:

“No, it is a matter of having big feet (laughter). It is what it is, but that is a play I should make every single time so like I said, I will be better.”


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