Texans QB Deshaun Watson (11.15.20)

Texans QB Deshaun Watson:

On the fourth-and-2 draw play:

“They just did a good job of stuffing us. That was it. I was trying to find an alley in a hole, and (DE) Myles (Garett) made a good play of redirecting and they had stopped us.”

On the difference between the Texans’ TD drive and other offensive series:

“We made a big play on, I think, it was third down to (Texans WR Randall) Cobb. They got a flag. We just took a shot and got in the end zone. It was no different from there. We only had two red zone opportunities, and we were one for two. The first one really hurt us because if we would have gotten that one, then maybe it could have been a different game. It was no different. We just kind of stalled before we got in the red zone a couple of times.”

On adjustments made due to weather conditions and how it impacted his ability to throw the ball:

“A lot. You have to be able to guide the ball. [It impacted it in] different ways and different areas of the field. A couple of times, the ball was right there, but the wind took it certain ways and directed it. It was tough. It was tough on both sides. That is why they did a lot of bootlegs, draws and different screens like that, but the same with us. We had to pick our spots and try to throw it down the field because that is what we want to do, but it is kind of hard with heavy wind. You can’t make any excuses. We didn’t capitalize. We didn’t connect. We just came up short.”

On Garett’s performance:

“He is athletic. He is good, smart. He plays hard. They put him in a great position to make plays, and that is what he did.”

On Texans RB Duke Johnson’s performance:

“He ran the ball hard and he did what he had to do to continue to try to get positive yards, get first downs and big plays. Duke played a very, very good game. He protected the ball. He is just going to continue to get better.”

On frustrations with today’s loss:

“Every loss is frustrating. Regardless of how it is, every loss is frustrating. You have to take it on the chin and go back to the drawing board and just try to get ready for the Patriots next week. That is all we can do is keep looking forward, learn from the mistakes, learn from the missed opportunities and try to get back to the basics and get to the details of New England and try to focus on that one. It is tough to lose, especially in this league. We had opportunities, and we didn’t capitalize.”

On how the wind played a factor today and if the wind can act as an extra defender:

“It is tough, especially if you don’t get to experience it on a consistent basis or a couple of times. We play eight games indoors and Indianapolis indoors and things like that. Like I said before, it is definitely a factor in the game, but I don’t want to sit here and make excuses on that is the reason why we didn’t capitalize. That is not the reason. We had opportunities. We just didn’t make enough plays fast enough to be able to try to give us a chance to win. That was the key, but it is really tough.”

On Garett’s speed, referencing the play where Garrett chased him down from behind as he made a first down:

“He caught me off guard. He really sunk, and I was kind of coasting, looking to throw the bow route. I think it was (Texans WR) Will (Fuller V) out there and the over was kind of running and coming in late, but it was covered. He was really sprinting and caught up to me very, very fast so that caught me off guard. He is athletic, and he has some great talent.”

On whether he wishes the Texans offense would go up-tempo more often:

“That is a tough one. You have to really pick your spots because if you go up-tempo and it is three-and-out, then the defense is right on the field. If you go up-tempo – I know that’s where the stats say we score the probably the majority of our points – then everyone is on the same page. I don’t know. That is something that we are definitely going to look back on and watch the film and see what we have to do to continue to have consistent success driving the ball.”

On what went wrong on the fourth-and-2 in the first half:

“Nothing went wrong. We got the look, and they did a good job of not getting out of their gaps. Tried to find the hole, and Myles made a play.”

On the strategy of the first series of the third quarter:

“We really wanted to try and take chances. We had a big play with that one with the run ball with Duke. The next play, we took a shot with Will. He ran a crossing route. It was right on the money, but at the last second, it kind of got on him quick so he kind of misjudged that one. With that one, he said it was perfect but at the last second it kind of went to the side. I tried to throw him a fade route, and the same thing. The wind kind of took it when you kind of float it up there. We were trying to see what the wind was going to do and see if we had opportunities, but it didn’t work our way.”

On the approach for the Texans moving forward this season at 2-7:

“The same way we if we were 7-2 – go to work, put our heads down, grind, just keep working hard and play each game to the last seconds. There is nothing that you really can change. If we were sitting with a better record, I would be saying the same thing. Keep my head held high. Keep working. Keep trying to encourage and stay as healthy as possible. Nothing is going to change, at least on my end.”

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