Texans QB Davis Mills (9.19.21)


On when he found out he was going in for the second half:



On the message when getting ready for entering the game in the second half:

“As the backup quarterback or the guy that is next up, you always have to be ready for anything to happen. Even in preseason, at any moment, you mentally prepare yourself to go in there on the next play. I felt like I did a good job and came out. I can improve on some stuff. A lot to learn from, but overall, I didn’t think I was too rattled or wasn’t ready for the moment.”


On the first couple of drives and getting into a rhythm:

“Like you just said, it is kind of just finding that rhythm. Obviously, I would have liked to start a little faster but, that comes with some experience. I think moving forward, I’m looking forward to what’s next.”


On if he is ready to start Thursday night if Texans QB Tyrod Taylor is unavailable:

“Of course. That is probably a decision to see if Tyrod is ready or not, but going into every game, I have to prepare myself like I’m the starter. Moving forward, it’s the same thing.”


On how the Texans offense responded and how the unit got better throughout the second half:

“Yeah, I thought the whole team rallied. Obviously, they had a team and I felt like they acknowledged it that they had a ton of confidence in me. It allowed myself to go out there, have confidence and do my thing. I thought they rallied well.”


On how to approach and adapt to injuries:

“Obviously, you don’t want any guys to go down, but I thought that we had guys who stepped up and made plays. They were ready when their name was called to go in there and play. Nothing really changed gameplan wise. We still ran the stuff we planned to do. I felt we could have executed a little better. We were really close to winning this game, but obviously, we didn’t so we have a lot to improve on.”


On if this game felt any different than the preseason:

“Not too much. Football is still football. When you go out there and the bullets are flying, you have to treat everything the same so I don’t think it was too much. Obviously, I have a lot to learn from this game – my first true regular season game went well or at least half of it so looking forward to the next one.”


On what he was most pleased with about his performance:

“Just going out there and playing and not letting the moment get too much for me. I felt like I handled that well, and I felt extremely proud of the guys around me. Everyone had the same mentality of next man up, ready to go. The line blocked really well, the running backs made some plays and the receivers made plays on the edge, too.”


On the interception:

“I missed the throw. I thought I had (Texans WR) Andre (Roberts) there but pulled it a little bit to the left.”


On the deep throw to Texans WR Brandin Cooks:

“He kind of has a two way going on that one. I misjudged it. I put it more in the middle of the field instead of the outside. I was trying to give him a shot but missed the ball.”


On throwing to Cooks often:

“He is a super talented guy. He is one of those guys I have work with me after practice. He is willing to stay there and get extra throws with some of the other guys. I just have trust in him already. I am still building that with a lot of guys, but he is just out there making plays and I can count on him for that.”


On getting hit and feeling pressure:

“They weren’t bringing a ton of pressure. We prepared for it. I thought the O line, myself and the backs handled it pretty well. That one they got me that I didn’t see and ended up popping out and I think (Texans T) Marcus (Cannon) picked it up. I just have to kind of have my eyes ready for that and be able to read the pre-snap and expect where it is coming from and go from there.”


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