Texans LB Christian Kirksey (9.19.21)


On how the Texans’ defense played today:

“We did not play well enough to win the ball game. Way too many missed tackles. You can’t do that playing against a team like that with a good run game. You have to make those tackles.”


On Cleveland’s pre-snap and post-snap movements and Houston’s communication

“Honestly, they did what we expected them to do. We watched the film. They did not do anything that was tricky. They ran the ball and we did not make the tackles.”


On what the Texans can take from this game:

“We know that type of team that we have. I am very pleased with the men in this room and how we carry ourselves. I truly believe we have a great team. Even though the outcome is not what we want it to be. These men fight hard.  A lot people count us out, but this group is special.”


On the Browns’ offensive line:

“Outstanding offensive line. I think it is one of the better offensive lines that we see in the league. As individuals are Pro Bowl-types guys, but they play so well together and that is what makes them so good. They have two guys right behind them. It is a lethal offense. They go the best of us today and got the win.”


On playing in the 4-3- base defense:

“We have a bunch of good players. We played together, kept fighting. We are not going to hang our head after this loss. We just have to improve each week.”


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