Texans C Nick Martin (11.15.20)

Texans C Nick Martin:

On the field conditions after the rain and if it affected the team:

“I do not think it did. They actually did a great job here in Cleveland getting the field right. You could tell that inside the hashes were replaced before the game, so the field was in good shape.”

On if the weather delay affected the team:

“I do not think so. We are all professionals. We do not like the delays, especially after the anthem and the hail. Juices were flowing pretty high and it got people going. It was a different situation to start the game. Again, we are professionals and ready to go whenever.”

On Browns DE Myles Garrett:

“There is no doubt he is a good player. If people did not say that, they would be lying. Great balance. Great strength. On the inside though, I only saw him a couple of times on some games.”

On RB Duke Johnson giving the team a spark:

“Absolutely. Duke always runs hard. He is always fun. Whether it is Duke, (RB) David (Johnson), or (RB) C.J. (Prosise), (RB) Buddy (Howell) – whoever runs the ball, they run hard and that is why they are Texans.”

On what is different from last year to this year:

“I am not exactly sure. I thought we ran the ball better today, especially in these conditions. People are going to know you are going to run the ball and again, (RB) Duke (Johnson) ran hard. We have just got to look at the tape. The o-line is playing as a unit. We are having guys back and grinding it out every game.”

On the mood in the locker room after the game:

“No one likes losing, so no one is happy right now. There is no doubt about that. Everyone here knows what it is like to win. We hate the taste of losing, but it is a great locker room. There is a lot of character. There are a lot of great guys. We stay afloat. We stay grinding. We are going to watch the tape, learn from it, move on and work just as hard next week.”

On what is the key to salvaging something this season:

“Just like I said, take it day by day, week by week. Grind it out. We have got to win. There is no excuse against that. We have got to start getting Ws. We have too much talent here and too good of a quarterback. Losing is never an option. Again, just keep grinding it out and taking it one game at a time.”

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