Texans C Justin Britt (9.19.21)


On the difference of play with injuries including QB Tyrod Taylor:

“There are a lot of things in each game that are out of your control and it is all about reacting and making do with what you have. Losing No. 5 definitely hurts. I do not think this is something that, with his career and history, I do not think this is one of those scenarios. We trust him. No. 10 (QB Davis Mills) came in, commanded the game well. We game him full faith. We worked our butt off for him. A mistake here and there from all of us. We feel like we beat ourselves. I feel like No. 10 put us in the right position to win and gave us a chance.”


On how Offensive Coordinator Tim Kelly called the game:

“I think TK, Coach Kelly, I think he is doing a really good job running the offense and coming up with game plans. We had a really good plan for this week, just like last week. We had a good week of practice executing it. We came out here and from our first drive, we went out and scored. Our confidence is high. Our trust in him is high. I love the way he is calling games. It is only Week 2 and there is not really panic in us. We know what we got. We believe in ourselves. It is early in the season. We are going to be alright. This lost hurts, but it does not hurt like some of the losses, because I saw the fight, I saw the dog in us, the competitiveness. We have to stay healthy and some of that is out of our control, but we are going to be alright. I have full faith in him.”


On Head Coach David Culley’s message to the team after the game:

“This game is over with and we are getting ready for Carolina. Short week.”


On how QB Davis Mills regrouped after throwing the interception:

“I told him we were going to be alright. It was inches away from going the other way. That is football, game of inches. We did not hesitate. He steps into the huddle and we gave him our full attention and let him control it. They brought him here for a reason. He had a really good camp, a really good Spring. He had a good week of practice. If we need him next week, he will be ready.”


On what he learned from playing a playoff contender:

“There is a lot of fight in us. We showed that we are not going to lie down and just give you the game. Things went wrong, here and there. We fought through adversity. We kept playing – playing hard, playing smart. Obviously, we have to do better in certain areas. I am leaving this game full of confidence going forward for this Thursday game. It is a long season and we have a lot to learn from the first two weeks. We killed our first opponent and this game was a tight one in a loss. It is hard to win in the NFL no matter who you are playing. Everyone is in this league is here for a reason. We just have to get back to work.”