TE Harrison Bryant (8.10.21)

TE Harrison Bryant:

On his performance in Sunday’s Orange & Brown Practice at FirstEnergy Stadium:

“I thought I had a pretty good day. Obviously, there is a lot of stuff to improve on, but whenever I get my opportunities, just go out there and try to make the most of them.”


On the difference for him now since initially joining the Browns:

“Obviously, a lot different. First off, from not having [as restrictive] COVID [protocols] to a lot more open and being able to bond with the guys. Also, just having somewhat of an understanding of the offense and just coming out and being able to focus more on what I am supposed to do on the play instead of knowing what route to run and just focus on my fundamentals and techniques.”


On his points of emphasis during the offseason:

“Every aspect of my game. Bigger, faster, stronger. Just improve on everything.”


On if he accomplished some of those goals this past offseason:

“Yeah, I ended up gaining about 13 pounds. Feel good. Just trying to take advantage of all of my opportunities.”


On if there was a point during last year’s ‘long, mentally exhausting season’ that he felt he hit a ‘rookie wall’:

“I would not say I hit a wall. Obviously, every season and especially last season for me, good plays and bad plays and good games and bad games. It happens, but just continue to improve and bounce back from those bad plays and just continue to grow as a player. That was my goal last season and this season, as well.”


On adding 13 pounds during the offseason:

“I am right about 245. After the season was over, I was down a lot. Just really focused on that, worked with some people and that was one of my main goals.”


On there were specific moments during last season when he recognized he could benefit from adding weight:

“I feel like that is in every game. No matter what your weight is against some of these guys as a tight end, you are outmatched. I would not say all of the time but in a lot of instances. I think for everyone in the tight end room, it is always a goal to get bigger and stronger to help us out on every play.”


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