TE Harrison Bryant (10.25.20)

TE Harrison Bryant:

On his emotions after having a career game with two touchdowns in today’s win:

“Late in the week, (TE Austin) Hooper went down. He had his surgery. Me and (TE) David (Njoku) knew that we had to come in, step up and make plays. Coming into the game, we knew that there would be opportunities. We just wanted to take full advantage of those opportunities. We did that today. Obviously, stuff we can still improve on, but going out and scoring two touchdowns in a game like that and winning at the end, it is huge. A lot of emotions. It was a great feeling.”

On QB Baker Mayfield having 21 consecutive completions after a slow start:

“We always talk about keep working, even when things are bad. You know to never get too high and never get too low. To start off like that and end up having a great game, that just speaks to him and how focused he was and ready to go, and he knew the gameplan. To finish the game like that and come out with a big win, it was impressive.”

On how surprised he was by the news of Hooper’s appendectomy and knowing that he would be the next man up:

“It was very out of the blue. We were in the tight end meeting room, and he didn’t come in. Coach was like ‘Yeah, he has a stomach ache.’ We went out on the practice field and figured the news out so we were like, ‘Wow.’ First off, just hoping he was alright and that everything was going to be good with him. Then me and David were talking about how we have to go in, step up and make plays.”

On if he has spoken with Hooper following the surgery:

“Everybody has checked on him. I haven’t personally texted him, just because I knew he just had surgery. I have asked everybody. I know (QB) Baker (Mayfield) has gone by to visit him and stuff, and he is doing good.”

On WR Donovan Peoples-Jones having a big catch and how it felt to see Peoples-Jones have that special moment as another rookie:

“It was awesome. Right when we came in the locker room, I went up to him and talked to him. It is a great feeling. I remember how I felt when I scored the first touchdown against Washington. Just to know that feeling and really know the magnitude of that play where he scored the touchdown is incredible. It was a great play.”

On the feeling on the Browns sideline before the game-winning drive:

“It was calm. We knew exactly what we needed to do. We needed to go out, and first off, get three to tie the game, but our mindset always going in is to just go down and score to end it. We went out, executed well and made some big plays. Everybody made some big plays on that drive. It was awesome to see it all come together and get the win.”

On Njoku’s TD catch:

“We had that play in this week and saw it in practice a few times. It was a look we wanted kind of. He went out and made an amazing catch, an amazing play in a big moment of the game. I was happy for him. It was an incredible moment of the game. It is one of the best plays of the game, honestly, was that catch. It was impressive.”

On Mayfield playing with a cracked rib:

“It speaks a lot to his toughness and what kind of competitor he is. He is going to come out and play for the team every week. It showed today – his toughness and how he finished the game. The final drive and how he plays, it was impressive.”

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