TE Demetrius Harris, S Damarious Randall and WR Damion Ratley (8.19.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • TE Demetrius Harris
  • S Damarious Randall
  • WR Damion Ratley


TE Demetrius Harris:

On if he has made up for lost time after missing practices due to a concussion:

“It is just more of repetition to make it muscle memory. The concussion threw me back a little bit, but I felt like I was pretty good. I just have to keep staying on the little things that (Head Coach) Freddie (Kitchens) has been talking about. We just have to stay on the little things.”


On how he sustained his concussion:

“I was just going for the ball, the linebacker ran through me and I fell and hit the back of my head.”


On if he had previously sustained a concussion in his career:

“No, that was my first one.”


On if the Browns offense can be as explosive as the Chiefs offense last season, given RB Kareem Hunt’s comment last week:

“Most definitely. We most definitely have the pieces. Of course, Freddie and (offensive coordinator) Todd (Monken) have the scheme and we have the skill players so we just have to go out there and have the same mentality to get the job done every play, every possession.”


On if he sees similarities between QB Baker Mayfield and Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes:

“Yes, most definitely. Baker is a competitor and a confident player so him and Mahomes have that in common. They both have that confidence and leadership. They have the comparisons with that.”


S Damarious Randall:

On if it feels good to be back on the practice field today:

“Definitely, it is always good to be out there with my teammates. That is what I play the game for is to be out there, to just communicate and to keep get better with my teammates.”


On if wanting a new contract is in the back of his mind while he plays:

“No, I just set my goals to the team’s goals and do whatever I can do to help the team win games at this point.”


On the amount of talent on the Browns roster last year, given his comments on the team’s talent last year:

“I just have a lot of confidence in the world in my guys. Every day we are going to keep working on perfecting our craft and getting better at the little things.”


On the biggest differences in the Browns defense compared to last year:

“More attacking style, getting after the quarterback and more attacking plays on the ball. We have a lot of guys up front like (DT) Sheldon (Richardson), (DT) Larry (Ogunjobi), (DE) Myles (Garrett), you name it, OV (DE Olivier Vernon). Our guys up front, I actually feel like we have the best front in the league to be honest.”


On how a talented DL benefits the secondary:
“It makes the ball come out a lot quicker. I can anticipate routes, I can jump more a lot more balls in the secondary and I feel like that will help us create a lot more turnovers.”


WR Damion Ratley:

On returning to practice:

“It was good. It was good to get back out there with the guys. I love what I do, and it is always fun doing what you love. It is just very, very fun to get back out there – actually really, really good.”


On balancing wanting to participate in practice with getting full healthy:

“Man, I have been anxious the whole time. I have been trying to get in walkthrough or anything I can, but they would not let me do it. Control what you can control was a big thing for me. I just had to get back healthy to where I can go 100 percent when I get out there and not just get back out there at 75 percent and hurt myself again. That was a big goal.”


On what he needs to do during the next few weeks to make the roster:

“I have to do what I do best, and that is to catch the ball and score. Make a lot of catches and make a lot of plays on special teams. Be great at the position.”


On reacting to Head Coach Freddie Kitchens comment that last year is last year and needing to see players produce this year:

“How do you want me to react? Last year was last year. We don’t worry about the past anymore. That was last year. That doesn’t mean anything to this year. I still have to go out there and make plays this year and try to make the team again. Last year, like he said, was last year. Last year does not matter with anything.”


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