TE David Njoku (6.1.22)

On signing a contract extension with the Browns after initially joining the team as a first-round pick:

“It means the world. I guess everything comes full circle. Obviously, in the past we have had our differences, and to be able to sign a four-year deal here where it all started, it means everything to me. I am very blessed to be here the next four years.”


On believing that his best football is still ahead of him:

“Absolutely. I feel like the only way to go is up from here. Just keep stacking good days, hard work and perseverance.”


On what changed his mind from past seasons when wanting to be traded to signing a contract extension with the Browns:

“I would say the time that I just decided to ignore all of the noise and just put my head down and work is when I realized that I do want to be here long term. I just focused on more of the positive things than the negative things, and in time, here we are. Like I said, I am very blessed.”


On his reaction to social media comments that the contract was too high based on past performance:

“This is actually my first time hearing that someone said that the Browns overpaid me. I did not hear that. That is my first time [hearing it]. It is what it is. We agreed together, and I feel like we are going to do great things in the near future. I am excited.”


On the potential opportunity to be more of a focal point in the Browns offense moving forward:

“Honestly, whatever our coaches tell me to do, I will do, and I will go 100 percent full speed at that. I am just excited to be a part of this great team.”


On improving his blocking in recent seasons:

“I love blocking. Honestly, I fell in love with it because at a point, it was all that I was really doing so I had two options: I can either cry about it or just slam people. I chose to block, and I enjoy it now.”


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