TE David Njoku (12.20.22)


On how he handled cold weather conditions with the Browns after playing college football at Miami:

“I’m not from South Florida. I was born in (New) Jersey so I am used to the cold. However, that doesn’t mean I like the cold. On gamedays, I don’t really mind the cold. As you can probably tell, I am shirtless pregame every game.”


On if he will be shirtless again as part of his pregame routine on Saturday:

“I will.”


On if being shirtless in the cold before games helps him get used to the temperature:

“It is more like a mentality thing. On gameday, I feel nothing.”


On if it is more difficult to catch passes when the temperature drops to a certain point:

“It is what it is. It is football. We are in the cold. It is what it is.”


On the impact Saints WR Jarvis Landry had on the Browns locker room when with Cleveland:

“My guy for sure. I think he had a huge impact. I think he was one of the main reasons we got this thing turned around along with obviously a few other players. I have to give credit to him for the majority of it because he had the mentality and the mindset of winning and pushing through adversity. I feel like that rubbed on a bunch of players at the time when he was here with the other players that were here that aren’t here anymore. I think that rubbed off on everybody, and we were just focused on pushing our limits.”


On if it was surprising when Landry was released:

“In this business, you create a lot of relationships, and some stronger than others. It is tough to see people you really care about go somewhere else, but it is business. It is what it is.”


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