TE David Njoku (10.7.20)

TE David Njoku:

On how it feels to be back after missing three weeks with an injury:

“It feels really good. My body is really healed now so I am ready to go.”


On his mentality returning from injury and if he feels he can pick up where he left off, given he had a strong start in Week 1:

“Thank you. For sure. For sure. I am completely healed so I am really excited to finally get back on the field, hang with my teammates and have some fun. I am very excited.”

On his level of nervousness when he sustained his knee injury:

“I am a very God-fearing man so I understand that everything happens for a reason. Now, with that being said, when I went to the locker room third quarter of the first game, I was not really too nervous because it did not really feel like anything crazy. I just kept my head up, and I attack everything as they come.”

On the luxury for the Browns to have RB Kareem Hunt as a backup after RB Nick Chubb sustained an injury:

“I think we have all seen what Kareem and the other running backs can do when Nick Chubb went down against Dallas others this past weekend. I have full confidence in all of them. I am very excited to see how they deal with this with what is going on and how they attack it. I have 100 percent confidence in all of our running backs. I am really excited to see them partake in this game this weekend.”

On if the Browns TEs may have a bigger role in the gameplan this week, particularly following Chubb’s injury:

“That is highly classified (laughter). I guess you will see this weekend.”

On what he has seen from the Browns offense and its evolution from the start of the season to now:

“As I see and as everyone else sees, we are having great progress. We are finally coming together as a team, and we are playing for each other. Each week by week, we just keep getting better, and that is something that we have to keep doing.”

On if his injuries this season have motivated him more to show what he can do:

“100 percent motivation. I am very excited to play again.”

On staying engaged while sidelined with an injury:

“I have watched every practice and every game. I am there in meetings. I am there throughout the day. I just do not practice. I am always around. I just was not able to practice the last few weeks. Now that I am back, it is different and I would say I am very excited.”

On what makes this year feel special for the Browns:

“For starters, we have a record that we have not had in a little while – I think I read somewhere about 20 years. It is not easy being 3-1 in the NFL. Kudos to the whole team, but there is a lot more work to be done.”

On the Browns coming together at this point in the year:

“For starters, our record. We obviously had a tough first game, and we picked it up each and every week after that so that is one of the main focal points is winning. That is what we are here to do.”

On if he feels there is a good bond between the team despite the COVID-19 protocols:

“Yes, something we focused on especially this year was embracing the suck. Obviously, we are dealing with a lot of complications going on in this word, and it is our job to focus on what is at hand and the task at hand, which is playing football and winning games. We have to just enjoy that.”

On how he will fit into the Browns offense after how TEs Harrison Bryant and Austin Hooper have played the past three weeks:

“I see myself doing anything I can do to help the team accomplish our main goal.”

On what he has learned about Head Coach Kevin Stefanski and Stefanski as a play caller:

“I guess looking back these last few weeks watching him call the plays is that he loves his tight ends. That is something that I can get along with. He likes running the ball. He likes doing what you have to do to take it to the next level.”

On how much he enjoys blocking:

“Like I said, I am here to do whatever I can to help the team. That obviously includes blocking, it includes catching and includes all the extracurricular activities. I am just here for the team.”

On if there is a sense of satisfaction after making a big block to spring a RB free:

“Yes, of course. Of course, especially when the back is your close friend, it means a lot much more to block for someone you care about.”

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