TE David Njoku (1.4.23)


On how difficult the last couple of days have been after seeing what Bills S Damar Hamlin has experienced and is going through now:

“It has been crazy. Just shows you that we really put our body, mind and soul on the line every single play. I have been praying for his family and him, as well. I am just speechless. All we can do is just pray and do whatever we can do to help. Pray.”


On if he is checking for updates on Hamlin’s status constantly:

“For sure. For sure. I think someone told me that he is doing a little better right now so that is always a positive. I was praying that he just makes it out the best way possible.”


On what he looks for or does when looking to cope with challenging mental situations like seeing what occurred with Hamlin:

“You never think things like this happen until it happens so it is hard to just have a gameplan off the rip of what we can do. It is tough. It is tough. I don’t know all of the information that was done. I just hope that everything will be OK.”


On if it will be difficult to play a normal game after seeing Hamlin’s situation:

“In this game, you always know in the back of your head that this is a very physical sport, this is a very, very aggressive, physical sport and it is tough to really talk about that, especially when you are asking me if it was me. It could be anybody, but it doesn’t really hit until it pretty much happened, like I said. All I can say right now is that I am praying for him and his family, and I hope that he makes it out in one piece.”


On what it would mean to potentially knock the Steelers out of the playoffs:

“It is a big rivalry game, Browns-Steelers. It is tough because I am still thinking about [Hamlin]. Obviously, it is a big rivalry game so we intend to put our best foot forward.”


On if he has talked to younger Browns players about the significance of the Browns-Steelers rivalry:

“Of course. Of course. I am sure once they get drafted they are well aware that this is a big rivalry game all of the time. Browns, Steelers, Ravens and Bengals, it is always personal. Yeah, they are going to be ready.”


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