TE Austin Hooper (9.22.21)


On QB Baker Mayfield’s high completion percentage this season:

“He is throwing to the open guy and accurately. He is doing a great job.”


On three Browns TEs playing at least 30 snaps on Sunday and if that was related to Landry’s absence:

“I am sure that definitely played a part into it. When you do not have your top guy out there, you have to make some adjustments, but we are also having some success out of three tight end sets. It forces the defense to have bigger personnel and then we can spread them out and do different things as all of the tight ends can play all different spots and know the offense. We can run base offense out of three tight ends sets where you see (TEs) Harrison (Bryant), David (Njoku) and sometimes myself line up outside the numbers as a wide receiver. It just gives different looks for the defense to prepare for.”


On his initial reaction to the Browns three TE set:

“It is awesome. We can get all of the boys on the field competing, working with each other, rooting for each other and watching each other have success. That is always good. We love it.”


On his goal of developing more chemistry between the Browns TEs and QB Baker Mayfield:

“The goal for us is to just keep it going in the tight end room. I feel like through the first two weeks, we have done a solid job being where we are supposed to be, being in the right spots and creating friendly throws for our quarterback. We will just keep it going.”