TE Austin Hooper (7.31.21)

On being in the second year of the Browns offensive system and continuity with the unit:

“The biggest thing that I have seen in just the short amount of time in our fourth day is just the continuity. I do not know how many teams across the league have 11 guys coming back offensively. In our outside zone scheme, the ability to play next to someone and have communication without verbally tell the defense what we are doing, that is the biggest thing from a run game perspective in our outside zone scheme. Just playing next to the same guys and having the year of continuity of playing with each other, coming out here and especially as long of a year as we have had, it feels like it was just yesterday we were back out here practicing. It is always good when you have that continuity where you have a lot of time and live bullets, so to speak, with the guys next to you.”


On the difference entering his second year with the Browns:

“In my second year here, I am truly feeling the team experience. Training camp [last year], the first thing was like, ‘Hi. Hello,’ and just getting to know each other because with everything that was going on, we did not get to spend that time getting to know your teammates. Having this time where we have been around each other, it has been awesome to feel a true team experience.”


On if he was satisfied with his year last season:

“No, I feel like every year my goal is to improve, and I feel like I am never satisfied. I feel like there are things that I always want to improve on. There are things in the offseason I made a point to address with myself and to get better. Spending more time with (QB) Baker (Mayfield) definitely has helped me with my confidence more than anything and being in the same offense and knowing what to expect and what is expected of me.”


On if he sees similar talent with this Browns team as he did the Falcons when they reached the Super Bowl:

“Every team is different. I do not like getting into comparisons. I will say we have a talented team. We have talented guys at every spot. At the end of the day, 32 teams are good on paper. The only thing that makes it different is what we do together out here on the grass. It is a grind – you all know that – in training camp. There is going to be adversity out here. There are going to be times that it looks great and times where it does not, but we need those days, too. I am really looking forward to the ups and the downs and the grind of camp.”


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