T Jedrick Wills Jr. (9.24.21)


On how his ankle feels:

“It is feeling better. It is my first day out at practice this week. It was cool. I am back in the groove a little bit.”


On if he is ready for Sunday:



On what it meant to him to be there for the team last Sunday despite battling the ankle injury:

“It was a good feeling. What I did in pregame with the training staff, the equipment staff, the strength and conditioning and everybody, kind of just checked it out. Felt good enough to play so why not?”


On if his status was pretty much a go from the get-go or did he need to work through some things to make sure he knew he was able to play:

“It is just the techniques and stuff out there I had to make sure I was good on. It was going to hurt regardless. At the end of the day, it was good to be out there.”


On if he is going to be a game-time decision on Sunday:

“I believe so. I have not taken it up with the training staff yet, but I practiced today for most part and it was fine.”


On if his ankle injury will be something he needs to work through all season:

“I hope not.”


On if there is a temptation to take some time off so the ankle can heal more quickly:

“They have been monitoring me during practice, the reps and stuff like that to make sure that I do not keep aggravating it, but I am hoping that it gets better very soon.”


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