T Jedrick Wills Jr. (8.19.21)

On expectations from the joint practices with the NY Giants:

“I think it should be some really good work. Get a chance to go over what we have been working on with a different team, face a different opponent and see where we are at in this training camp.”


On if he was injured during yesterday’s practice:

“I just got rolled up on by a player. A little mild ankle sprain, but I will be good to go today.”


On if he will practice today:



On how different his second training camp is now that he has been at LT for a year:

“Feel a lot more comfortable. The game is a whole lot slower than it was last year. The playbook is thoroughly completed in my mind. I just feel like everything I am doing right now is a lot more advanced than I was a year ago.”


On what offensive line coach Bill Callahan had him work on most during the offseason:

“Nothing specific. It was a combination of everything. Just wanted to be a lot better than I was last year so just improving in all aspects.”


On the transition from RT to LT, especially with no offseason program last year:

“It was definitely a tough time, especially switching positions and not having that firsthand help. I feel like everything that I was expecting to do, I lived up to. Now with having this opportunity having it there at my hands I expect to be a lot better.”


On if the muscle memory established now will help him further at LT:

“Yeah, I feel very comfortable on the left side.”