T Jedrick Wills Jr. (10.7.22)


On Chargers OLB Khalil Mack:

“A very crafty veteran. Very strong. Causes a lot of havoc if you don’t pay enough attention to him so have to go out there, get on him early and try to control the game.”


On if he faced Mack when playing the Bears last season:

“Maybe a play or two. I know he went out early because he had an injury. I think maybe a play or two. I don’t remember.”


On Browns personnel saying last week’s games was one of the best of his career:

“Yeah, I think I played a very, very solid game. Graded out probably the highest I have a minute.”


On defining a good game from his perspective and if that is tied to not surrendering a sack, playing with good technique or other factors:

“Really just all of the above. Just trying to be clean across the board, no MAs (missed assignments) and things like that. Really just trying to carry onto next week, this coming week and so on and so forth.”


On if it is important to have strong games like last week:

“Yeah, definitely. I think it is more important to keep it going because you can’t get complacent and it can turn into a bad week and then so on and so forth.”


On offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt’s comment that he can be one of the best Ts in the league when wanting to be dominant:

“Like you said, it is a confidence booster, but it is more just knowing that I have that ability and making sure that I can do that play in and play out.”


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