T Jedrick Wills Jr. (10.25.21)

On returning to play last week and how he is feeling physically:

“It was good. Thursday night football was a great experience. The crowd was electric. It felt good to actually play again. Feeling better. Just trying to work on some fundamentals this week and get back to 100 percent.”


On what percentage he is at now with the ankle:

“It is hard to tell because that was my first game in three weeks so my body, I am feeling it everywhere right now. I am going to try to get some treatment this week, along with practice. Hopefully, it gets back to normal.”


On if he potentially returned to play too soon and should have rested during Week 2 against Houston:

“I feel like after that Kansas City game, I probably should have sat down for at least a couple of weeks to let it get back to 100 percent, but that is the name of the game. Fought through it and tried to get some wins as a team.”


On if he felt like he had to prove himself and his toughness by playing through the injury:

“No, I am not really worried about what anybody else has to think.”


On if he had other situations impact the ankle after the initial injury at Kansas City in Week 1:

“I had that medial ankle sprain at Kansas City. Played in the Texans game and got rolled upon. Played in the Bears game and got rolled up on. Played versus Minnesota, I stepped on whoever’s foot and got a new injury on the inside of my ankle. It was stacking on top of each other and did not get a chance to actually let it heal.”


On sustaining multiple sprains to the ankle:

“Yeah, unfortunate luck.”


On if he sustained a high-ankle sprain:

“No, no high-ankle.”


On the challenges fighting to play in the game and ultimately having to leave the game early:

“It is challenging. I have never really had any major injuries like this one that I had to play through leading up to now, even in college, but I feel like everybody has some dings and some sprains here and there that you play through. It is part of the game. It is unfortunate that it kept getting injured, if that makes sense. I feel like I was feeling good with treatment going into the week, and then playing in the game, something new would happen. It was bad luck that was stacking on top of each other.”


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