T James Hudson III (8.24.21)

T James Hudson III:

On his first two preseason games:

“I would say that I did some good, and I did some bad, as well. Looking to improve. Still coming out here every day and looking to learn from (offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan and (assistant offensive line) Coach (Scott) Peters. Just keep improving at what I am doing.”


On the main message he has received from Callahan:

“Really just improving my technique, cleaning up some footwork things and just finishing better.”


On if playing on both sides of the OL has been overwhelming at all:

“I would not say it has been overwhelming, but of course, it has been hard. I have some bad habits on the left side versus on the right they taught me a lot of new things. I think I feel more comfortable at right than I do left because I sometimes tend to go back to what I did at Cincinnati on the left side because that is the position that I played and the position that I practiced for all of these years ever since I switched [from defensive line]. Just getting used to things. I would not say that it is overwhelming, though. I feel like I can handle both sides.”


On if he is good at shaking off the bad moments and if he is tough on himself:

“I feel like I am tough on myself, but in the moment, I know that it is the next play, the next play. Playing offensive line, you have to shake it off no matter what happens. You just have to think the next play, the next play and just keep going.”


On working with Callahan:

“It has been great. Coach Callahan, I have heard from everybody that he is one of the best in this league and he has been the best in this league for a long time. I can’t do much [else] but to trust him. He has taught me some great things, and he is going to keep teaching me some great things. I am just going to keep listening and doing what I am supposed to do.”