T Jack Conklin (9.24.21)


On the challenge facing Bears LB Khalil Mack:

“He is a great player. Everybody knows that he is such a good player and the things he can do. Really that whole front, they are a great front and there are going to be a lot of one on ones during the game that we are going to have to win. We are up to the challenge.”


On if he expects most of Mack’s snaps to come against him:

“I would assume so based on what the film has shown so far and what he has done in the past. That is what I would assume going into the game.”


On his performance last week:

“It was alright. I think I can play better obviously. Just have to keep working, find what we can from the game and do better.”


On if it helps that he can prepare to face Mack for most of the game:

“Yeah, you know he is there and then you can just try to study him and get what you can from it, but it is going to be a battle. My plan is to step up to the plate and go to battle with him.”


On if he has played against Mack in the past:

“Yes, I played him a couple of times when he was in Oakland and when I was in Tennessee, and I think we played him in the preseason when he was with the Bears.”


On what T Jedrick Wills Jr. showed when battling through an ankle injury to play last week:

“I think just maturity. Being able to come out there, not practicing all week and being able to step in and play is really tough. It was impressive to see him take that leap and be able to be there for us.”


On WR Odell Beckham Jr. returning from injury:

“We all know the kind of talent that he has and what he brings to the field. He looked at me Monday and said, ‘It is time.’ I rubbed my hands and go, ‘Finally, the world gets to see this.’ We have all seen it. Now we just have to see that chemistry out there that we were missing last year. Those two (Beckham and QB Baker Mayfield) can definitely be one of the best duos in the league. They are here to show it.”


On if it is exciting to see a player like Beckham get back on the field:

“It is great to see. It is fun to see great players do their thing – not really against us, but when they are on our side or I get to watch them on TV, it is fun to see players get out there and ball out. I have the privilege to see him on my team.”


On his reaction to Beckham telling him ‘it is time’ and if he hugged Beckham after the comment:

“What do you mean? He hugged me (laughter).”


On Bears QB Justin Fields making his first NFL start this week and not having a ton of tape on Fields:

“There is tape – college. They are not going to let him sit back and let us pass rush the whole day. Even if they do let us try and get after him – which after we have stopped the run and we have kept him in the pocket not allowing him to do spring outs, boots and RPOs and all that – once we do our best to lockdown all of that and make him a drop-back passer, then we will have a chance to get after him. Until then, we have some work to do because they are not going toss him right into the fire off of the jump.”


On what stands out about Fields as a runner:

“He is bigger than most guys who have that kind of speed. (Ravens QB) Lamar (Jackson) is a 4.2 guy, but he is not the biggest guy running. He is built kind of like a leaner receiver and then you have Justin who is like a complete drop-back quarterback but has some speed in him. It kind of reminds me of… Whoa, yeah, I am not able to say that (laughter).”


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