T Jack Conklin (8.7.21)

On the first few days of full pads at practice:

“It has been good. It is kind of an extended acclimation period this year so it was a lot more shells. It was good to finally get the pads on, start seeing how our fits are going in and how everything is coming together.”


On DE Jadeveon Clowney:

“He is a good player. Happy he is on our side now. Between him and (DE) Myles (Garrett), it is great work for me and (T) Jed (Wills Jr.) every day. By the time camp ends, we will have seen about every possible rush. It is going to make us both better players, and it is going to make our team a lot better.”


On how Clowney and Garrett are different:

“Just a different kind of player. Myles can do everything. It is tough. He is so quick. JD brings a whole ‘nother level of physicality. He is maybe a little bit more violent where Myles is a little more finesse in certain situations, but they both can do all of it and do just about anything. It is really hard to categorize them differently because they both are very similar in certain ways, but I would say maybe Jadeveon is a little more violent.”


On if Clowney can bend as much as Garrett in pass rush:

“I do not know if there is anybody who can bend quite as well as Myles, but he can bend.”


On the problem Clowney and Garrett together pose to opposing OLs:

“It is hard. Again, you saw last year and in year’s past, a lot of teams just double team Myles. When you get a guy like JD on the other side, you have to pick and choose. Are you going to double team this guy this time or are you going to let them both go one on one? It is just going to help our defense so much being able to have those two there and free guys up on the play. I think you are going to see much more pressure on the quarterback. They have been working hard. Every day, you can see me or Jed and JD or Myles talking on what we are working on and what we are seeing with each other and just helping each other out. It is such a great thing to have that camaraderie between the four of us.”


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