T Jack Conklin (10.17.22)


On leaving yesterday’s game in the fourth quarter for a few plays:

“Just got a little rolled up. It is nothing. Just a little ankle sprain. I will be fine.”


On if he expects to play this week:

“Yeah, no issue.”


On how the Patriots defense limited the Browns run game:

“They came up with a good gameplan. We have to be able to finish more as an offensive line and open up those holes. Anytime you start falling behind and start trying to catch up and pass, it takes us out of our game. Our strength everybody knows is to run the ball. We have to do a better job at the beginning of the game so we can keep doing that at the end.”


On QB Jacoby Brissett’s message to the team after yesterday’s loss, including after Brissett had a tough performance:

“I think that really just shows the leader that he is. It was a tough game. He had a tough game, we had a tough game and everybody around. We didn’t play complementary ball. When the defense gets a turnover, we need to go score, and we didn’t do that. Then to be able to have him come up and address that in front of the team when frankly we are struggling a little bit, I think that is big time. Now, it is our job to respond and take what he said, move forward and fight our way back into position.”


On how the team can gain momentum moving forward:

“I think really just sticking together. I was talking the guys about it, my last year in Tennessee, we were 2-4 and we ended up finishing 9-7 and making the AFC Championship Game. It is about just catching some fire and getting on a roll. It all starts this week in Baltimore. We just have to start making good plays, playing well as complementary ball as a team and then it will start rolling along together.”


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