T Greg Robinson and CB Greedy Williams (9.9.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • T Greg Robinson
  • CB Greedy Williams


T Greg Robinson:

On his ejection against the Titans:

“During the play, I was just trying hard but I ended up bumping into a guy, and he braced himself and pushed back on me as I was trying to make sure the pile did not fall on me. As I fell, he was coming forward and I kicked him in his helmet. I had no idea I would be ejected but the referee explained everything to me as he walked me off and that was the case. It is something you hate to see. I hurt the team obviously, and I feel like if I could have it back, I would do things differently. It was basically just a reaction. I could not really help myself.”


On if he was deliberately trying to kick the opposing player in helmet:

“No sir.”


On if he tried to kick the player at all:

“I did not. I did not know he was even falling towards me, but as I hit the ground I saw him and my foot just made contact. I think it looked worse than it was, you know?”


On what he would do differently to avoid the situation:

“Maybe just curl my knees to my chest almost. Just try to avoid it. It was just a shocking thing. I did not think I was going to fall because clearly, I was just trying to make sure the pile did not basically fall on me and not end up under the pile, but the guy pushed me and I just fell backwards.”


CB Greedy Williams:

On playing in his first NFL game:

“It was just getting my feet wet. Just trying to do everything right and be perfect. At the end of the day, just out there playing football.”


On if he was surprised to start Week 1 and when he learned he would start:

“I knew on Monday, but I just did what I did, kept my mouth shut and put my best foot forward at practice.”


On if he felt his goal to start was always in reach:

“I just stayed forward. I never let anything get me down. I just practiced hard every day and competed every day. Come after the preseason and before practice, I get this notice that I would probably in the starting role. Like I said, just trusting what  I do and great things come.”


On how much more complicated this week was with a full gameplan opposed to preseason:

“It was just mostly things we can fix as a team. Not everything they did was complicated, like busted coverages and things like that. Just us as a defense fixing those things today and coming out tomorrow and practicing.”


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