T Chris Hubbard and TE David Njoku (12.6.19)

Included below are select quotes from interviews with the following Browns players during today’s media availability:


  • T Chris Hubbard
  • TE David Njoku


T Chris Hubbard:

On how tough it can be to try to play through some injuries as a OL:

“Yeah it is, especially going out there with my teammates. I want to do everything that I can to be there for them and help this team win in any kind of way. That is what is affecting me right now. Like I said before, we will see how it feels on Sunday.”


On if some injuries are easier than others to get through like a shoulder compared to a leg injury:

“Yeah, but you need your legs to push off, protect (QB) Baker (Mayfield) and be able to hold off bull rushes and stuff like that.”


On if the knee injury is related to a bruise or something internal:

“It is something inside. We will see. Continue to work on it, and the trainers do a great job of helping me out to try to get me where I need to be on the field. I will continue to work with them and like I said and see how it goes.”


On if a shot could help limit pain in his knee and potentially improve his chances to play:

“You are talking about a shot like a needle? No, I do not think I would do that depending on the pain tolerance or whatever.”


On players potentially being susceptible for further injury if taking a shot when injured:

“Yeah, that is why I am saying I don’t think I would do that.”


TE David Njoku:

On his excitement to potentially return and play on Sunday:

“Very. It has been a long time – Week 2 to be exact. Yeah, I am excited.”


On if he expected to play the past two weeks:
“Hopeful. More hopeful than expecting. Once I felt I was ready to play, I was told upstairs and you just have to follow protocol.”


On if he accomplished something in practice this week to prove he is ready to play Sunday:
“Consistency. [Consistency with] everything. Obviously, you can catch a ball once, but doing it multiple times and knowing you are capable of doing it is the best thing.”


On if he has been trying to test himself since returning from the wrist injury:
“I agree.”


On if it took him longer than expected to be as consistent:

“That is a good question. I do not really know how to answer that, but I am ready now. That is the best way to put it.”


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