T Chris Hubbard (10.12.20)

T Chris Hubbard:

On the key to staying ready to contribute this season and making an impact in a big win against the Colts and their No. 1 defense in the NFL yesterday:

“My preparation is always something that I take really precious time at. I really hone in on what we have that week. Every position, I always try to go down the line and just figure out what I could get better at and just follow the people that are in front of me basically. Just seeing what works for them and also just trying to find things that works for me on Sunday’s. The key to the victory was just to stay ready and ultimately just continue to do my job at a high level. We always have that next man up mentality. We just want to be able to just take control and keep fighting.”


On how much pride he will take in keeping the RG position strong, given G Wyatt Teller has been playing well and Teller may be unavailable for the Steelers game:

“Watching Wyatt, it is amazing to see. He works his butt off and you see that on film game after game. I just want to continue that role and continue to do well in that position, not only for me but for him too, because I know him looking at the film, he will be like, ‘Man, I can learn from you’ or ‘I can learn from him.’ Some of the things that I tried to look at and just try to take advantage of is just getting better. He has been getting better, and I am going to continue to hold this spot down for him.”


On why this Browns team seems so ‘legitimate’ after five games, given his experience with playoff-caliber teams in Pittsburgh:

“(Head) Coach (Kevin) Stefanski and the whole coordinators and everybody is doing a great job. It is just staying together, sticking to the plan and making the right adjustments when need be. I feel like whenever we step on the field, we are able to just put up as many points as we can. Everybody is sticking together like glue. We are working hard and we are making sure that we are all on the same page. That is ultimately the key of playing football is you want to be on the same page and the communication has to be at an all-time high level. That is what it takes to be a playoff contender team. As well, you have to have depth too because injuries may happen and you want to continue to make sure that you are ready when that time comes.”


On what has impressed him most about Stefanski as head coach:

“I just like the fact that he is willing to put it all out there. He is willing to make the right adjustments, as well as make the right play calls. Like I said before, he is just keeping us all together and making sure that we are accountable for each other. That is how you win games.”


On how much time he spends practicing at G and C during a normal week:

“For guard, I literally had one rep at guard this past week. That is something I just constantly try to look at the position and watch the person that is in front of me. Just picking up new tools that (offensive line) Coach (Bill) Callahan has been giving us. He is always teaching us the right techniques and the things to do on Sunday. That is pretty much what I am capable of doing.”


On if he was discouraged when the Browns signed T Jack Conklin in the offseason, given he had been starting at RT:

“Not at all. This is a business. I know that for a fact. You have to constantly just be ready. No matter what, this game is going to have its changes. Jack is doing a great job handling his job. I am just here to continue to fill the role and continue to help this team win no matter whenever they need me. I would kick the ball if they asked me to kick the ball. I am constantly trying to learn the game. I missed out on your question about center – I take center snaps after practice every day with coach Callahan.”


On if it difficult to pull at G after not having many reps at it during a practice week:

“No, for us, the paly calls are legit. The thing is you have to flip it in your head, like on the side that you play on. If it is right guard or left guard, I just have to flip that play in my head. At the line I was thinking like, ‘OK, it is me that has to pull. I am ready.’ Those are things that you think about before the play has been called. You try to assess your assignment before it even happens. That is one of the things that I looked at before I got to the line.”


On balancing the importance of this Sunday’s matchup against the Steelers with a 1-0 mentality:

“The assignment all week from week in and week out is to go 1-0. That is our motto. Going into this game, it is a big game. It is a rivalry game. I feel like every game is a big game so no matter the circumstances or who we play, each week is a big game. Going into Pittsburgh, we know what is at stake. Like I said before, we are looking to go 1-0. That is the motto.”


On if he has ever started a NFL game at G:

“Never. That way my first one [playing at guard]. It was it was surreal. I never thought about playing guard in a game before. It just never crossed my mind.”


On how valued he feels being able to contribute at all five OL positions:

“It is a humbling experience. It is amazing to be talked about and being able to hold that weight down. It is something that you never want to see any injuries happen. You never want to see anything happen to anybody, but just being able to be ready and stay constantly ready, that is something that this league is about.”


On if he has ever played guard in a NFL game before:

“I have done it in preseason but not in a regular season game.”


On if this scheme fits him better than past offensive schemes during his career:

“Oh yeah, I love this scheme, the zone scheme. It just shows the athleticism of the offensive line and shows us how we can be able to maneuver, run and just open holes for the outside zone for the running backs. It just shows a lot of skills and a lot of placement. This is this is something that I have always loved this scheme of offense. It is a very high-powered offense to be in.”


On if he has seen anything different from QB Baker Mayfield this year in terms of leadership:

“He is a leader. He is very vocal when it comes to that huddle. He needs us and he wants a lot out of us. Making plays and making adjustments. When it is crucial timing, he is always coming into the huddle making sure like, ‘Man, we got to get this. This is a time crunch, and we have to take control.’ He says those things, and that is what you need in the quarterback. I always look up to Baker because when he came into the league it was a different role for him at first and then he got his opportunity. Then you started seeing the traits that everybody was talking about as far as him being a leader and everything, and he is able to take control. SI see that in him. I love the dude. He works his butt off, and he is going to continue to get better each week in and week out.”


On if Mayfield will do everything in his power to be ready for Sunday:

“Oh yeah, he will. I know for a fact he will.”


On how he prepares for potentially playing different positions in a game:

“My mind runs 1,000 miles an hour. For me, I really have to meditate. Honestly, I really have to meditate and just tell myself, ‘Calm down. You got this. One play at a time.’ My technique and my coaching will take care of itself on the field. Those are some of the things that I look to that help me and get me ready for time to battle.”


On Callahan and how Callahan has helped the Browns OL this year:

“I love his enthusiasm. He is a guy that comes to work happy every single day and you are going to get a smile from him every single day and you are going to get the very best coaching from him every single day. He is a guy that constantly hones on technique and making the right the right adjustments. He is always doing that during a play call. Even when we come to the sideline during the game, he is like, ‘Hey, what did you see here? Hey, could we run that again? Can we make different adjustments? Can we make this game or this play right?’ Those are some of the things that you see out of Coach Callahan that raise my antenna and keeps me on board with him because he knows what he is doing. He is a great coach, and I am glad we have him.”


On matching up with the Steelers when both teams have been playing well:

“Oh, it is fun. Oh man, this is going to be fun going into this game. I think for the most part, the intensity of the game is going to be at an all-time high because we are a different unit this year and we have a different scheme. We are a very hungry team this year. We are very hungry. Those are some of the things that you will see on Sunday.”


On challenges the Steelers defense presents, particularly related to the wide zone offense:

“Our tight ends, they are going to be ready. I know for a fact that because they are going to have to take care of (Steelers LB) Bud (Dupree) as well as (Steelers) T.J. (Watt) when it comes to the wide-zone scheme. As far as the tackles, they will be there to help them and to assist what they can see as far as on the outside and make those big plays that we need. They are a gap-front team as far as controlling the line. For years, I have seen them practice that. I have seen it firsthand, first come-first serve being over there when I was over there in Pittsburgh. We are going to set the edge and make sure we get this wide zone running.”


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