Steelers LB Alex Highsmith (1.3.21)

Steelers LB Alex Highsmith:

On the importance of finishing the regular season with a good performance going into the playoffs:

“Ultimately, I just want to go out there and do what I can to help my team win. We didn’t get the win tonight. We are excited for the next challenge. We are excited to go into playoff ball. We will be ready to go in the morning.”

On how the Steelers battled back and if he felt more responsibility to put pressure on QB Baker Mayfield with the number of Steelers out:

“I think us fighting and clawing in that game shows the resiliency of this team. We are a fighting team. We are going to fight to the end of the game. That is what I am excited about with going to the playoffs. We just have to fight, and we have seen that. It is just going to be awesome to see this team work at the challenge ahead.”

On his personal performance against Mayfield and if that gives him momentum going into the postseason:

“When I run through and get pressures, it does give you confidence to continue rushing. That is just the mindset that I am going to have going to the playoffs, just to be ready for the pass rush and just be firm and strong in stopping the run. I am just ready to do whatever it takes to help my team win.”

On being a rookie and being in the atmosphere in Cleveland with 12,000 fans:

“It was cool. It was probably the most fans I have played in front of so it was just awesome to be able to play with that type of energy. Getting to play in front of that was cool.”

On how the Steelers executed their gameplan against the Browns and Mayfield:

“There were definitely some times where he got out of the pocket. We are going to look at it this week, study our films and find ways to keep him in the pocket the whole game. That is what matters most. We are going to construct a good gameplan to do that.”

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