Steelers HC Mike Tomlin conference call (10.14.20)

Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin

On how much more dangerous the Browns defense is with DE Myles Garrett moving around:

“I do not know if it makes them more dangerous. I think it just makes it more problematic for more people. I think he has an impact wherever he aligns. They are moving him around a little bit. That is something you have to contend with, but I think that you see from all the significant players. We just played (Texans DE) J.J. Watt a number of weeks ago, and they moved him around in a similar way. I think that is just par for the course when you have an impact player like him.”

On what the Browns rivalry has meant to him:

“That is a hard thing because there have been a lot of change over there, and usually, the a rivalry based on the long term relationships and shared experiences. I respect what they have going on right now and the collection of people that they have over there right now. I worked with (Head Coach) Kevin Stefanski and (defensive coordinator) Joe Woods 15 years ago with Minnesota. I have known those guys a long time and have a lot of respect for them, and I think their play is a reflective of that.”

On if he expects the full Steelers OL to practice today and play this week:

“We have not practiced yet so it is kind of day to day. We will see what it looks like.”

On his growth as a coach from the first time he faced the Browns to now:

“I think we are all just continually evolving, but not only evolving – by evolving, I mean hopefully getting better – but all continually adapting because the game is continually changing because of schematics and because of different styles of players, play, rule changes and so forth. I am just trying to roll with the punches and stay a step ahead. I think that is what all of us are trying to do.”

On evaluating Stefanski’s performance in his first year as head coach, particularly given they coached together in Minnesota:

“I think we are all still writing those stories. We are four games in, and they are five games in. Significant weeks like this one, do a lot to write those stories. That is why this is a big game.”


On the Browns defense and defensive coordinator Joe Woods:

“They are getting after people. They are making the game-changing plays that we have always respected and coveted – the splash plays. They are leading the league in turnovers. They are doing the things that really impact what good defenses do. I am not surprised by that. Joe is a good football coach, a smart football coach and a hard worker.”

On the Browns OL and offensive line coach Bill Callahan’s impact:

“Those guys need no endorsement from me. Their 188 yards per game on the ground and the quality of possession of the football that they are displaying through five games is all the endorsement they need. They are doing a heck of a job.”

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