Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin (9.22.22)


Opening statement:

“I’d like to compliment Cleveland. They did what was required for victory, and you have to acknowledge that. I thought they controlled the line of scrimmage, particularly in the second half. If you can’t slow down (Browns RB Nick) Chubb, you can’t beat this group. We kind of knew that and we didn’t get it done. We have to own the outcome and we will, so there’s not really a lot to talk about. We’ll look at this tape and learn, get better, and get better very fast. No significant injuries other than (CB Ahkello) Witherspoon. It looks like a hamstring. I’m sure I’ll update you on some of that stuff the next time we get together. Questions?”


On whether he was encouraged by the offense, particularly in the first half:

“I wasn’t looking to be encouraged. I was looking to win the game. I would expect us to get better in all phases, so I don’t know if I share that perspective.”


On whether he considered going for the touchdown towards the end instead of kicking a field goal:

“I did not.”


On a reason why things got bogged down in the second half:

“I thought they controlled the game, man. They possessed the ball. Nick Chubb controlled the game.”


On the Browns not being as effective in the second half:

“They made the plays. They did. In the significant moments, they made it. They were in manageable possession downs. A lot of third down and short. That is usually a high probability for conversions when you’re that short, and really that is kind of the story of how it unfolded over the last 30 minutes.”


On whether he will consider making any changes going into next week:

“I’m not in that mindset. I’m interested in reviewing this tape and looking at the totality of it and figuring out how we collectively get better. I will answer that question definitely no.”


On QB Mitch Trubisky’s performance:

“I thought he made some plays, but we all collectively came up short. That’s how we measure performance. Winning is our business and we didn’t handle business. We don’t break that apart and look for the feel-good.”


On whether the Steelers’ tackling was a little below the line especially against Browns RB Nick Chubb:

“You tell me. He was running through arm tackles and things of that nature, getting yards after contact. It wasn’t good enough.”


On the impact Browns TE David Njoku made:

“[That was] less of an issue than Chubb in the run game.”


On how much the wind was a factor in K Chris Boswell’s missed field goal:

“No man. It was not. We have a great deal of confidence in him and he has a great deal of confidence in himself. He didn’t make that particular kick.”


On being able to stop the run in Cincinnati and what has changed:

“I’m not looking to provide excuses for that. We didn’t do it tonight.”


On whether he considered going for it on fourth down:

“I did, but we lost yards on the play so I moved on.”



# # #


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