Steelers C J.C. Hassenauer (1.3.21)

Steelers C J.C. Hassenauer:

On if the QB switch was tough to adjust to in the game:

“No, not at all. I thought that they both did a great job, especially with the tempo of getting in and out of the huddle. They were paying attention to the play clock and everything like that. They did not disrupt the tempo. If anything, they increased it.”

On what the Steelers did differently to contain DE Myles Garett:

“We really didn’t do anything different. We stuck to our gameplan. (Steelers T) Al (Villanueva) did a great job. He did a great job. He always wins those competitions.”

On if the protection improved as the game went on:

“Yeah, I thought the protection was great. (Steelers QB) Mason (Rudolph) was comfortable getting out fast. They were doing whatever they needed to do to play fast. I thought they all did a great job and protection-wise, as well.”

On assessing Rudolph’s final drive:

“His performance during the whole game was great. I was so proud him for the way he stepped up this week. He led our team. He set the tempo. He was the leader. I was really proud of Mason for that. He commanded the huddle the way the quarterback is supposed to. I was very proud of both of them.”

On facing the Browns again next week:

“We have to evaluate the tape and go from there. There is not much to say other than that they had more points than us. Hopefully, we can evaluate the tape, learn and grow from it so it results in success.”

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