Seahawks QB Russell Wilson (10.13.19)

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson:

On the win: 

“It was a crazy game. It was a battle for sure. We were down 20-6 against a great football team with a lot of great players. We found a way. We just kept going and kept going. We kept believing that something great was going to happen and sure enough it did. In the fourth quarter, we found a way again.”


On what he told the Seahawks on the sidelines when they were down:

“We’re made for this. We’re built for it. I think the biggest thing was just to stay the course. I felt like we were moving the ball pretty well. Then something would happen, maybe it was a long play or something like that. I think for us, we just had to stay the course and keep believing. Our defense was amazing, especially in the second half. They made some huge turnovers. With the turnovers alone – I think we had four turnovers – they just found a way to make great plays to get the ball back. That fourth-and-1 stop was incredible.”


On his level of trust with Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett:

“I trust everyone. Obviously, I trust Tyler. He is one on the best wide receivers in the game. If you look at it, everyone kind of got the ball there during different spots and moments within the game. JB (Seahawks WR Jaron Brown) made some great plays. He had two touchdowns catching the ball on third-and-1 or second-and-long. Tyler just does a great job of getting open. He came in and made a huge catch on the third down. That was special. Everybody works together. That’s why you practice every day. We had a great week at practice. We kept staying the course. I thought our offensive line played tremendously. To go against big (DE) Myles (Garrett) on the edge, he a pretty big player and I think (Seahawks T) George (Fant) did a tremendous job stepping in for Duane. Duane is one of the best left tackles in the game and losing him is tough. George was prepared. He was ready. He’s been working hard. He’s experienced, and it was great having him out there. I think (Seahawks T) Jamarco (Jones) for his first start. He played tremendous too. We saw that last week, and it transferred over to this week. I thought we had a tremendous effort there. I thought (Seahawks RB) Chris Carson ran the ball extremely well. It was a great day.”


On play calling in the first half:

“My helmet wasn’t working for a series or two so we were running no huddles and calling the plays. The helmet went off at the beginning of the drive. I lost communication. I couldn’t hear anything so I just kept calling plays. When you study the game plan, you know what you want to do. You know how you want to get the balls to different guys. We ran it up and down the field and ended up scoring a touchdown on the drive. We changed helmets and played the rest of the game like that.  When the helmet shuts off, you go to the gameplan. You go to what you know. I think for me it’s about keeping the tempo and getting the ball to the right players at the right time. Like I said, we study so much of the game plan so we have a full understanding of all the calls and plays. We memorize everything so we know what we want to do. There is no fear in those moments. You have to have confidence. There’s no panic. Why panic? You have to stay focused.”


On Carson’s contribution:

“Chris Carson has been tremendous. He’s one of the best running backs in the league. He’s physical. He can catch. He protects you extremely well. He had some great catches, explosive catches and runs. He’s been tremendous for us. He’s been crucial. For where we want to go, we have to have him play great and he’s definitely doing that.”


On bringing back his role as play caller from the preseason:

“I think it helped a little bit. I have done it before, maybe on a couple drives and stuff. Like I said, it’s about all of us being on the same page, knowing what we want to do and studying like crazy. Preparation is everything.”


On running tempo in the game:

“You want to keep the pressure on the defense no matter how you’re moving the ball. We had our guys in. Some guys are coming in and some are coming it. I always reference basketball. It’s about controlling the tempo, and when you’re on offense, you want to control the pace of everything. I think we can definitely do that.”


On taking a hit on the TD pass:

“I did not see the catch. I got crushed on that one. Yeah, it was a good play. We checked through the play and changed it a bit. I thought we had a chance to isolate JB (Brown), and sure enough, it worked out the way we wanted it too.”


On why he feels the team is built for games like this:

“I think we have a lot of experience. With (Seahawks LB) Bobby (Wright), myself and (Seahawks LB) KJ (Wright), we have been through all the highs. There were a lot of highs. We have been through some lows, too. We stay the course. We stay even keel. We keep focus on the mission. We have tremendous leadership across the board – (Seahawks DT) Al Woods, who I call Uncle Al. More than anything, for us, you have to look forward to these moments. If we want to be championship team, you have to look forward to these moments and we were able to do that today.”


On Seahawks TE Will Dissly’s injury

“That was a tough one on us. I have developed such a great relationship with Will, and I just want him to keep the faith. He’s had a tremendous year. It’s tough because it’s been back to back years. I think that he’s still young. If anybody is a tough as nails, it’s him. There’s nobody tougher that I know. He’ll come back stronger. That’s just a tough part of the game. More than anything else, I just want him to stay encouraged, keep the faith and keep believing. Great things are in store for him. We’ll make sure that we do everything we can to make sure that’s the case.”


On the second TD of the game:

“I was about to scramble and create some time. I thought the line did a tremendous job on that play. JB ran a hook route to the left and came back inside. I kind of saw him flash in front of my eyes and hit him. We needed it. That was a huge touchdown. He had a great game today. It was us just battling and finding a way. They have been great on third downs. It was a great game for us especially on the road. This is my first time playing here and it was a tough environment. It was as loud as it can be. The Dawg Pound down there was tough, but we found a way.”


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