Seahawks players (10.13.19)



WR Jaron Brown:

On his ability to get both feet down in the end zones:

“That’s something we practice every day. (Seahawks WR) DK (Metcalf) had a nice one today. It’s something we work on a lot. I actually didn’t realize I was that close to the sideline.”


On how he stays open during the play:

“I just try to follow [Seahawks QB Russell Wilson’s] eyes, even though it’s hard sometimes. I know he is always going to find me and I need to be ready.


On recovering from the hole they dug early in the game:

“Playing smart football, eliminating penalties and not shooting ourselves in the foot. With the turnovers, that’s big. The defense, they played lights out.”


On WR’s making special teams plays:

“Man, that was big. I didn’t even realize that (Seahawks WR) David (Moore) blocked it until we got to the sideline. That’s something that we always talk about who is going to be first in the group to get a punt block so is that kudos to him.”


RB Chris Carson:

On the team’s patience when trailing:

“We don’t like to feed into all that. When you are down, you just have to stay the course and we tried to make that happen.”


On the difference in the Seahawks offensive line with roster changes:

“No, it wasn’t different at all. We have a next man up mentality and (Seahawks T) Jamarco (Jones) and (Seahawks T) George (Fant) are great players so we know that with the other two being down, we knew they would fill in and do a great job.”


On how difficult it is to be patient on runs to open up:

“It is in the beginning, but once you see better results, it’s easier to be patient and let the offensive line work.”


On how he would describe the Seahawks offense’s play:

“Great. We know that there will be some games where the offense is not working and the defense will have to pick us up. When the offense is clicking, we might have to pick up the defense this was a game that was back and forth. We are glad we got this win and put up some points.”


On being able to run the ball at the end of the game:

“It’s a will. We always want to finish with the ball in our hand. Last week, we didn’t really do that. It was good that we were able to finish with the ball in our hands this week.”


T George Fant:

On coming away with a victory on the road:

“It was a great game. We had to do a lot of fighting to come back. We have been here before. We have been down early, but we know what it takes to come back and we showed that today.


On how they were able to manage against The Browns’ strong front:

“We held up pretty well from our point. It’s a fight. They have some great players across the board. We had a few guys down, and luckily for us, we are deep in our Oline room. We have some great vets in there who keep everyone prepared and ready. It was perfect for us, a great opportunity and we are happy to get the win.


On Seahawks RB Chris Carson 100-yard day:

“It feels great to go out there and play again. Chris is a great player. He is always going to get his. Happy he played well tonight.


On playing LT today:

“Left tackle for me is home. It was a little easier for me to transition back to it. I am happy with the win. There are some things I want to go back and correct and get them out of the way, but I’m happy with the win.”


CB Tre Flowers:

On how the Browns offense started the game:

“They came out firing. It is the NFL. They came out with a new week and it showed. They came out hot, but we got the win.”


On the big chunk plays earlier in the game:

“Really just people trying to do too much. Just trying to do too much in general. Everybody just had to slow down and trust each other like we normally do. It showed in the second half.”


On what Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner said to the defense:

“That is what Bobby said. To slow down and trust your brother and we will win the game. That is what happened.”


On what point in the game did the momentum shift:

“I never doubted. We have (Seahawks QB) Russell Wilson at quarterback. I never doubt, even when we are down. You cannot win the game in the first, second or third quarter. You have to win it in the fourth.”


G/T Germain Ifedi:

On going up against DE Myles Garrett:

“It was good. He was on both sides. When he was over here, we had a good battle, …He is a hell of a player. It was fun playing against a really good player. We just have to do our job.”


CB Shaquill Griffin:

On if the big defensive plays rank top of the list for the Seahawks:

“Oh yeah. Going through the week, we go to Turnover Thursday and we got four turnovers in practice. You come here and get four turnovers. It is something that we practice. We preach it every day. We knew we needed a big play. We just had to stay true. We did not want to change anything up. We knew we had to go back out there and make another big defensive stop. Everybody stayed true to themselves. We did not do anything different or extra. We played our game, stayed aggressive, and the big plays happened. It was huge for (Seahawks LB) K.J. (Wright) to have that pick late in the game. We needed that.


On if the four turnovers were the most he remembers the Seahawks having in a practice:

“Yeah, four is a lot to have in practice. To have four in the game is even better.”


On feelings after Seahawks LB K.J. Wright’s interception:

“It felt good. It was on the whole game. We started out kind of flat, but we found a way to bring it back. We believed the whole way. It felt even better saying goodbye to the fans. I think that is a new tradition to me. Once we win a big game like that on the road, I will make sure I say my goodbyes. I do not want to be rude (laughter).”


On Seahawks QB Russell Wilson’s consistency:

“I think the best way to put it is that No. 3 is in his bag right now. Top of his game. That is the person we look up to and believe in. He believes in us. We are going to keep on doing that. We are going to keep doing what we have to do to win these games.”


WR Dave Moore:

On blocking the punt:

“Just trusting everything that coach was telling us all week. The preparation we had going into this game, he said it was 100 percent that we were going to get a block. That is what it was.”


On what the Seahawks saw on tape that led him to say that it was 100 percent that the Seahawks were going to get a block:

“[The Browns] do not really protect that well. They will leave somebody out there and leave them free. I was the one who went free.”


On when he realized the Seahawks recovered the blocked punt:

“I honestly did not know. I did not know where the ball was. I felt it hit my hand and then I was like ‘wherever it is it is, but hopefully we got it.’”


On turning it around after the initial kickoff return:

“We always hope for the best, and sometimes we do not get that. We just have to fight to the finish. It is not how you start. It is how you finish. We showed that we wanted to finish and get a win today.”


On Seahawks QB Russell Wilson’s performance:

“We call him the magician. He is always somewhere where nobody thinks he is, making a big play, throwing the ball somewhere where it needs to be. That is just Russ. He does his job well.”


FS Tedric Thompson:

On the team’s interceptions:

“Everyone got one. It was good to see. My mom is here. This ball is going to Mom. My mom comes to a lot of games.”


On the turnovers and Seahawks secondary:

“I told them every week we need to get better and better. I think the biggest thing is we are going to keep creating turnovers to give the ball back to (Seahawks QB) Russell (Wilson).


On the halftime message that lowered the Browns offensive yards from 300-100:

“I don’t remember what (Seahawks Head Coach) Pete (Carroll) said at halftime, but I know we were really beating ourselves. That is a great team, just like any other team in the NFL, but a lot of plays we needed to settle down. Once we did, I thought it was good.”


On the similarity between this comeback and the Saints game earlier this season:

“We are going to learn from our mistakes every week and try to correct them. Communicate, tackle and get the ball from them, and we will be straight.”


On his interception:

“(Seahawks CB) Shaq (Griffin), I was in the right spot at the right time and I just dove for it. He should really get the stat for it, he took it for me. I’ll give it to him, on God I will.”

On who had the biggest turnover:

“Everybody. Every turnover we got was at a crucial part of the game so I feel like everyone contributed to our win.”


LB Bobby Wagner:

On his postgame thoughts:

“It was crazy. They came out with a bunch of energy as we expected. They punched us in the mouth the moment they stepped on the field but I felt like we weathered the storm. We had to calm down, settle down and start making some plays. The offense made some plays. They made some key plays towards the end I just feel like it shows our grit. No matter what, we do not give up and we have a lot of gutsy players on this team.”


On what adjustments the defense made after the first couple of drives:
“I do not think we really made that many adjustments. I think it is just guys doing their job. I think we were trying to do too much in the beginning and I feel like it showed and it hurt us. Once we kind of settled down and everybody started playing with a cause, we felt like we started to stop people.”


On creating four turnovers to help win the game:

“We had been waiting for a game like that and we always say to count our blessings. We sure did this game. I think we had four and a blocked punt so we were able to create a lot of turnovers and I felt that is what helped us win this game.”


On getting his teammates together to talk during the first quarter:

“Yeah, I just felt like we were not playing how we needed to be playing and I felt like that is not the defense we want to be. I felt it was important to get the guys together and basically just say do your job and do not try to do too much. Do not worry about the score. It will be fine. If we keep playing our game, it will fine. We have a lot of young guys. Myself, (Seahawks QB) Russell (Wilson), (Seahawks LB) K.J.(Wright), we have been in games like this where it has not gone our way and we came back so it was just kind of letting them know that it was the first quarter and it will be fine.”


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